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Tyrant - Grimoires (5/10) - Japan - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: World Chaos Production
Playing time: 67:42
Band homepage: Tyrant


  1. Initiation
  2. Devil's Pact
  3. Fallen Angel Of Plague
  4. Bell, Book And Candle >mp3
  5. Rebellion (Part. I)
  6. Riding The Breeze
  7. Rebellion (Part II)
  8. Thy Night Queen, Hecate
  9. Woe, Ruin And Death
  10. Babylon The Great
  11. Prophecy Of Lucifer
  12. Rebirth Of Old Serpent
Tyrant - Grimoires

Many good things can be said about Japan. Technical wizards, makers of good cars, masters in videogames and the list goes on. When it comes to Metal, however, they are better known for being an enthusiastic audience than the one who plays the stage. SIGH and INTESTINE BAALISM are the only other bands I know that plays some kind of Extreme Metal in the land of the rising sun. That TYRANT play Extreme Metal could be argued and I think I would label them as not that Extreme.


What TYRANT play is Symphonic Black Metal that absolutely wonít appeal to underground maniacs. They would probably say that TYRANT shouldnít be allowed using the term Black Metal at all. And if the only true Black Metal is the one without any beauty, then they are right. The music of TYRANT is heavily centred on the keyboard, too much if you ask me. The keyboard is played very well but I donít appreciate that it has a higher placing in the mix than the guitars. It makes the music of TYRANT lose the impact I think a proper Metal record should have.


The opening of this album has a WINDIR vibe, probably because the keyboard player found an according bank on her keyboard. After the intro the WINDIR vibe is replaced by inferior CRADLE OF FILTH sounding material and that goes for the rest of the album. To come up with something positive I could mention that TYRANT consist of professional musicians. I believe they play the kind of music they want to play. I would also like to mention the guitar solos, which are of a high class. The vocals are good, nothing more nothing less. If youíve heard the band GLOOMY GRIM, from Finland that is, then you should have a pretty good idea about the vocals.


The length of the album also counts as a negative factor on my review scheme. In my opinion they donít have enough good ideas to defend songs that almost reach the ten minute mark. If they had distilled their ideas I believe the playing length of the album could have been 20 minutes shorter. If the guitars keep on getting this placement in the mixing nothing would really help, though. I might be conservative but I believe that audible guitars are essential for Metal.


I donít know which kind of people I should recommend this one to. You have to really like keyboard drenched music, thatís for sure. (Online December 2, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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