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Strength In Numbers - The Veil (4/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Ironbound
Playing time: 44:57
Band homepage: Strength In Numbers


  1. Gods Of War
  2. The Awakening
  3. Time’s Not Wasted
  4. Eight Breathes Per Second
  5. Momentum >mp3
  6. The Veil
  7. Devoured By The Bridges Aflame
  8. Unfolds
  9. Frostbite
  10. Reach To Die >mp3
  11. Houdini
Strength In Numbers - The Veil

When I listened to the debut album of STRENGTH IN NUMBERS for the first time, one word CAME immediately to my head: “American”… the sound of this six-pieced New Jersey based band is American from the beginning to the end, cause even if it has a lot of similarities with the Swedish Melo-Death scene, everything here is a kind of prototype of the Modern Metal they’re making nowadays in the states.


STRENGTH IN NUMBERS is just another one of those thousands and thousands of bands that mix a bad-ass attitude, parts of aggressiveness and also mellow choruses, straight riffs and really, REALLY catchy melodies, so you don’t need a lot of listens to realize completely what you’re dealing with and a few more plays to suck all the essence it can hold and forget in a corner of the room a CD that doesn’t have much more to give.


the highlight of this act is without doubt the vocal game, for which they use two different vocalists: one for clean hardcore-like choruses and another one for yelling and the results are rather interesting… the strings also have their moments, with direct and heavy riffs and even some good solos, but all this is loaded with a lack of sensations that in some way suffocates.


For curiosity, I was reading the reviews that Metalcore specialized pages had made for “The Veil” and they were generally surprisingly good… maybe the best site to learn about this band is not in the mostly conservative “The Metal Observer”, so while you look with anxiety for the next Modern Metal combo, I’ll return to my enclosed and elitist “true” Metal bubble, cause after 45 minutes of outsider contamination I really miss it. (Online December 3, 2005)

Daniel Barros

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