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Braindeadz - Hang'em Highschool (6/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: STF Records
Playing time: 47:31
Band homepage: Braindeadz


  1. Hang 'Em Highschool >mp3
  2. Servant Of The Flesh
  3. Tortures Of Me
  4. Violator
  5. Killer
  6. Devil In Disguise
  7. Labyrinth Of Death
  8. Shattered Youth
  9. Thrash Attack
Braindeadz - Hang'em Highschool

BRAINDEADZ from Germany owns a band name that didn’t raise my expectations particularly high. I can say right away that their music certainly deserves a better name. What the BRAINDEADZ has to offer is unmistakeably Thrash Metal. You would be hard pressed to find anything other than that on “Hang’Em Highschool”. The record starts out with the title track, “Hang’Em Highschool” and a good start it is. Fast Thrash Metal with a very good production. Every instrument is defined and is easily hear able in the mix. The vocals remind me a bit of those that Mr. Schimer use in DESTRUCTION and the music itself isn’t light years away either. Straight after “Hang’Em Highschool” comes my personal favourite and occupies the speakers. “Servants Of The Flesh” is a good Thrash song that has some interesting break downs and choruses, making it the star of the album.


What hold me back from dealing out the big points to the BRAINDEADZ are the rather standard songs like the following “The Tortures Of Me”. Never do they visit the land of shitty song writing, but they do visit the land of rather standard song writing. “The Tortures Of Me” has its quality, it’s only that it takes like 3 minutes before anything interesting happens, that’s when they decide to turn up the tempo and throw in some good solos. If this song had been 3 minutes shorter it would have been a much better song. In my opinion the BRAINDEADZ are at their best when they keep their songs short and fast, though “Killer” shows that they can make songs over 6 minutes. In my opinion the other lengthy songs have a tendency to turn stale. Sometimes less is more.


Besides from a very good production this record isn’t really modern. If you listen to the songs you can hear influences from various Thrash Metal bands through its history. On certain occasions I get this early MEGADETH feeling, especially in some of the guitar solos. Honour goes to the BRAINDEADZ for their playing skills. Not only do they serve good solos, the rest of the instrumentation is taken good care of as well, not another KRYZALID in other words.


Though I'm no expert on the genre Thrash anymore, if I ever was, I'm able hear that the BRAINDEADZ play music that has potential to put a smile on the face of some Thrash bangers. I hope those bangers download the mp3 which is provided above. "Hang'Em Highschool", the song, is worth a download. Not meaning that the whole recorded isn't. Missing the cover certainly wouldn't be a reason for buying it, gruesome. As if they care. (Online December 4, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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