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10 tablatures for Saturnus

Saturnus - Martyre (8/10) - Denmark - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Euphonious
Playing time: 63:10
Band homepage: Saturnus


  1. Inflame Thy Heart
  2. Empty Handed
  3. Noir
  4. A Poem (Written In Moonlight)
  5. Softly On The Path You Fade
  6. Thou Art Free
  7. Drown My Sorrow
  8. Lost My Way
  9. Loss (In Memoriam)
  10. Thus My Heart Weepeth For Thee
  11. In Your Shining Eyes
Saturnus - Martyre
A narrow passage leads through the dens jungle of Gothic Metal, on the one side the abyss of kitsch and cliche, on the other the realm of boredom.

One of the bands that have managed to avoid either side are the Danes of SATURNUS. With their second album "Martyre" they manage to darken even the brightest sunshine and draw the listener into the depths of an elegic journey through melancholy.

Crowned by a painting of Paul Delaroche (which can be found in the Louvre), an almost sacral choir opens up the CD, which celebrates little epics of sadness beyond bombast and banality, where "A Poem (Written In Moonlight)" and "Softly On The Path You Fade" excel, being pure melancholy in sound, doomy with mostly clean, but partly accentuating rough vocals, sometimes even drifting into less harsh Death Metal-regions.

Even though spring is slowly becoming summer, put this CD into your player and you will find yourself in the autumn already...

Alexander Melzer

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