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Force Of Evil - Black Empire (6,5/10) - Denmark - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Escapi Music
Playing time: 59:35
Band homepage: Force Of Evil


  1. Black Empire
  2. Back To Hell >mp3
  3. Cabrini Green
  4. Death Comes Crawling
  5. The Sinister Show
  6. Days Of Damien
  7. Disciples Of The King
  8. Beyond The Gates
  9. Hobbs End
  10. Dead In Texas
  11. Vorhees Revenge
  12. S.O.S.
Force Of Evil - Black Empire

Their debut was ok, but nothing special. The only thing that kept me from straying away from the disc was the fact that it included the tag team of Mr. Denner and Mr. Shermann. I just never got into Martin Steene's voice because he sings too damn high for my taste, but I can give him one last chance, no? At any rate, this is the new record and it's evil as fuck! At least, musically.anyway.


This time out the lyrics are based on horror movies much like ICED EARTH'S "Horror Show", but better. The title track gets the ball rolling and the music is considerably darker, harder, faster and more modern sounding. I really enjoyed the low voice that Martin uses in the beginning and then he sings like someone is grabbing him by his balls too tightly as usual. The title track is an homage to the classic 70's horror movies based on true events "The Amityville Horror." The guitar licks here are leaner and meaner while Bjarne bashes away on the skins. Everything is in check here including the vocals, until they hit the screams and high pitches. Mr. Steene's voice is a bit more tolerable here during "Back To Hell" which is based off the horrid 80's movie "Maniac Cop."


Damn, Martin gives props to Chicago with "Cabrini Green" which was the setting for "Candyman." I'll tell you what, being from Chicago and up until about six years ago, Cabrini Green was a horror scene itself because it was the projects where low income families lived and crime was always a factor. Not anymore as they have cleaned it up. The solos here really kick as the guitar duo shred fiercely as if there was no tomorrow. After half a disc of songs flip flopping, "Days Of Damien" is one of the more solid songs where the music is evil and vocals are decent here. I have to admit that this is incredibly better than the debut with the exception of the minor flaw that I keep talking about. In a nutshell, I think that if you liked the first album, then you will absolutely thrive off of this one especially if you love the Halfordesque screams. (Online December 4, 2005)

Joe Florez

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