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Kreon - Demo Spring 2005 (7,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 31:50
Band homepage: Kreon


  1. Feeding Charnel Beings >mp3
  2. The Troll
  3. The Wanderer And The Goat >mp3
  4. The Relic
  5. Living Space >mp3
  6. Asphyxiate In Peace (A.I.P)
Kreon - Demo Spring 2005

The First Law of Zombies states that it does not matter how fast the living run you, the existentially challenged, will still catch them despite only being able to shuffle one step forward, two steps back, never mind the fact that a Pit Bull Terrier is chewing on what remains of your left leg. KREON know this principle, realising that being fleet of foot does not always guarantee dripping Man brain for supper.


KREON deliver their crunch at a predominantly mid geared pace though they also pour petrol on the fire as well as playing the creeping game. This demo ably demonstrates their prowess when it comes to making like a bulldozer, not that this is without intelligence as the band mix dynamics to good effect.


Sometimes bands tend to forget that for a worthy Metal album you have to have a suitably hardnosed guitar sound. KREON hit the ground running with a nigh on perfect crisp and crunchy tone, distortion provided by Mr Nasty Bastard. The lead guitar ices the cake with plenty of six inch nail up the nostril lead runs. You will be hoping then that the bass and drums are up to scratch as well, happily I can report that a building site somewhere is missing its pile driver.


The band spend a lot of this half hour stood on a motorway bridge dropping great big fuck off rocks on your head. Heavy it is, the importance of mass being noted over speed. I can promise you a solid pounding from this demo, some notable headbanging sections and to keep you speed freaks happy enough rapid sections to keep you smiling.


Another bonus is that there are no intros, in-betweentros or outros, it’s all constant Metal. If you want to sing along, the lyrics are easily discernable and you can join in with the Cap’n Bird’s Eye “Thar she blows” gruff growling vocals. Air guitarists will also have a field day. I think that the only criticism I can make is that KREON need to squeeze a bit more of their own essence into their next work. At times it seems that they are trying too hard to impress and are not allowing themselves to enjoy the moment. This is a minor quibble that is more than nullified by the time the barnstorming closer “Asphyxiate In Peace” goes locomotive over any doubts you might have that this lot can deliver the goods. This track, having sent you flying and then steamrollering you into the ground, finishes in true bully boy fashion. Every time you lift your battered head to see if they’ve gone, they deliver another jaw breaking riff.


There you go then, this demo has done its job. It says “Oi, label bosses, we’re here and we mean business, what you waiting for?” The same goes for you, dear reader, it’s only a matter of time before KREON are chewing on your meaty bits. (Online December 5, 2005)

Niall MacCartney

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