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Virus - Sick Of Lies (6,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 45:14
Band homepage: Virus


  1. Lost >mp3
  2. For My Son
  3. Mother Earth >mp3
  4. Once >mp3
  5. Homeless
  6. Payday
  7. 360
  8. Caged
  9. Bleedin'
  10. Fool
  11. Free
  12. No More Lies
  13. Who
Virus - Sick Of Lies

This five piece is new to the scene and they bring on board something a bit different. The music not something that all Metal heads are going to get into, but some may. "Lost" has a C.O.C. feel combined with heavy and slower guitar riffs and vocals that are akin to Pepper Keenan. Call it original or call it a copy cat, but I guarantee you that not many bands are going to taking this route.


"For My Son" adds more riffage and rhythm and is packed with energy. The gritty throat action of Frank Widderson doesn't let up as "Mother Earth" adds a dirty sound along with staccato strumming. It's loud and heavy and if you turn this one up to five even on your volume dial, the speakers will be blown for sure. Just to mix things up a bit, the band offers a heavy ballad of sorts in the form of "Once." This track isn't wimpy and the guys as you can tell wouldn't let it go down the saccharine sweet route. This one has heart and emotion and you will be able to feel it.


The CD is pretty much a combination of Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative Grunge (yes, you heard right!) and even a touch of the heavy Stoner Rock vibe. VIRUS isn't following any blue prints here and they don't care which is fine, but not everyone is going to get this band. The crazy thing about VIRUS is that they're German and most krauts play Power Metal. Not in this case. The only thing even crazier is that Lion Music put this out and the label is more known for Progressive and Power Metal along with some instrumentals as well. I think this is a ballsy move on the part of owner Lars Eric Mattsson. I give everyone major points for going against the grain. You have been warned! (Online December 6, 2005)

Joe Florez

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