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Davolinas, The - Edge Of A New Day (8/10) - Denmark - 2005

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Nasoni Records
Playing time: 50:10
Band homepage: Davolinas, The


  1. Surf II
  2. Edge Of A New Day
  3. Exit Repression
  4. Happiness Is Fragile >mp3
  5. I Want You To Burn With Me
  6. Nightfall >mp3
  7. Running On The Moon
  8. Stormy Street
  9. Gotta Connect
  10. Heaven In Me
  11. Destiny >mp3
Davolinas, The - Edge Of A New Day

One thing right away, it’s not Metal that THE DAVOLINAS produce on their first full-length album. They rather pay tribute to the 70’s, whether it be Psychedelic, Space Rock, Doomy Blues Rock or even Punk Rock with wah wah elements – you rediscover it all in the overall sound. What is most striking is the suspenseful and varied vocals by front witch Lene. The dear behaves as if she was possessed by the devil and she gets the maximum out of her voice.


The music is the ultimate trip, off-the-wall, always conjuring and utterly authentic. Somehow the consumption of drugs comes to my mind here, but I don’t want to accuse anybody. To me the sound of THE DAVOLINAS is good enough drug and I more than willingly let myself be captured by their maelstrom of retro sound…Playing-wise the band can cut it while sleeping and they serve numerous time changes or hypnotic beats that are interwoven into the overall sound so skilfully you hardly notice. Although THE DAVOLINAS were formed only five years ago in Copenhagen…I wouldn’t have thought that.


Those who have always been into bands like JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, BUDGIE or BLUE CHEER and are extremely annoyed by all those trolling Metal and pseudo-Prog bands, should give this Danish wonder group a try. (Online December 6, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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