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Cornerstone - Human Stain (10/10) - Denmark - 2002

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 49:17
Band homepage: Cornerstone


  1. Unchosen One
  2. Wounded Land
  3. Some People Fly
  4. Singing Alone
  5. Future Rising
  6. House Of Nevermore
  7. Midnight In Tokyo
  8. Sail On Stormy Waters
  9. Resurrection Sympathy
  10. Forever Young
Cornerstone - Human Stain
Featuring the supreme vocal-talents of ex-RAINBOW-man Dougie White and Steen Mogensen of ROYAL HUNT-fame you'd be expecting a cracker of an album. It doesn't disappoint.

Sweeping majestic hook laden Melodic Metal tinged with a good bit of Heavy-end Rock like DIO.

From the glorious opener "Unchosen One" complete with epic, building chorus this is great stuff. White's voice is as near perfection as one can get. Strong, emotive and powerful. He is right up there with Rodgers, Plant, Gillan and Coverdale in the quality British vocalists department.

"Some People Fly" is heavily influenced by RAINBOW/PURPLE, complete with keyboard fills, but opens up into a solid Melodic Rock-workout. White's voice is equally at home belting out the rockers as it is with the ballads like "Singing Alone". A beautifully crafted song that shines all the way through. "Future Rising" picks up the tempo with a good solid riff and pounding beat. "House Of Nevermore" is sheer class. A kind of power-ballad with, again, an excellent vocal performance by White. (You getting the idea that I like the singer yet!!) "Midnight In Tokyo" would not be out of place on any DIO-album. From the guitar to the similar vocal style this is the album's rocker and well received it is. "Sail On Stormy Waters" is a huge slab of melodic excellence as is "Resurrection Sympathy" complete with sing along chorus. "Forever Young" closes the album on a fairly mellow level. What with its ZEPPELIN-esque riff an all.

Rarely do I go in for this type of Rock, but it is refreshing to hear a singer that just oozes class and a great set of lungs. If you like TEN's "Babylon" then this is right up your street.

Chris Doran

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