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Entreat. - Deincubation (7/10) - Slovenia - 2005

Genre: Death Metal / Metalcore
Label: Moonlee Records
Playing time: 45:05
Band homepage: Entreat.


  1. Ride (Desperado)
  2. Non Plus Ultra
  3. Few Seconds in Clearness
  4. Copressed Time And Space
  5. Words >mp3
  6. The Salesman Of Dreams
  7. Miss Norbet >mp3
  8. Incubate Scare
  9. The Wrath Of Who We Wish To Be
  10. In Need Of An End
Entreat. - Deincubation

I have already listened to very much bands from all over the world, but I think I had never a Slovenian band, though this country is not that far away from here. Okay, according to the info sheet, ENTREAT. are supposed to play a mixture of Metal and Hardcore (so, it’s Metalcore) with a small dose melancholia. But after listening to this “Deincubation” debut, I rather think, that they play more Melodic Death Metal with a small dose Hardcore.


To be more concrete, ENTREAT. play a mixture of newer IN FLAMES and older DARK TRANQUILLITY. So, it’s very Nordic. Regarding this aspect, the songs of “Deincubation” aren’t that bad at all. Especially the highly melodic “Miss Norbet”, the strong opener “Ride (Desperado)” and the instrumental “In Need Of An End” belong to the highlights of this work. On the other side, they have also much average songs in between, which isn’t catchy at all. The main reason would be that there is not enough variation in these tracks. Most songs still contain a certain quality but to compete with the worldwide Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore leaders, they have to improve a lot. Especially vocalist Patrik has to work on his performance. He’s able to shout but his clean parts aren’t that great. If you wish to sound melancholic, you have to deliver nice clean vocals. The production of “Deincubation” is then very good. Band and listeners will be satisfied, though there’s always room for improvement.


Well, ENTREAT. with their “Deincubation” will have a difficult job to stand out of the mass of great bands. But there are surely some good basics and I really like their little DARK TRANQUILLITY direction. The album has its moments and the Slovenes are surely able to improve on their next release. If you like heavy but still melodic music, you should check them out.


Check out tips: “Ride”, “Miss Norbet”, “In Need Of An End” (Online December 8, 2005)

Patrick Weiler

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