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Despised Icon - The Healing Process (9/10) - Canada - 2005

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 32:06
Band homepage: Despised Icon


  1. Bulletproof Scales
  2. Silver Plated Advocate >mp3
  3. Immaculate
  4. Warm Blooded
  5. Retina
  6. The Sunset Will Never Charm Us
  7. As Bridges Burn
  8. Harvesting The Disease
  9. End This Day
Despised Icon - The Healing Process

What happens when brutish Death Metal meets heavy-weight Metalcore? Well, one thing is for sure, you shouldn’t worry about an insufficient amount of heaviness. But what happens if this band is hailing from Canada in addition to this? Meanwhile it should have become clear everywhere that this country is particularly infamous due to merciless bands such as CRYPTOPSY, KATAKLYSM or NEURAXIS and that there should be a seemingly endless potential of utterly insane bands.


DESPISED ICON may now join the line of those brutish combos with „The Healing Process“ and unleash their confusing musical creations upon the audience. The band, which was formed from members of NEURAXIS, IN DYING DAYS and HEAVEN’S CRY, is raging through the Metal landscape for the second time with “The Healing Process”, as they did their first steps in the year of 2002 with “Consumed By Your Poison” and puked a debut upon mankind that was equally brutal sound-wise. In the sound of DESPISED ICON furious Grindcore attacks, massive Death Metal walls of sound, earthquake-like breakdowns and crazy Progressive fuddling unite and make what is performed here appear as grim chaos at first. The fact that all of these crazy ideas are kept in check and directed on track is only due to the perfect playing abilities of the four musicians and two vocalists.


Equal to the perfection of a super-computer, DESPISED ICON mix breakneck riffs, confusing time changes and massive vocals and create an exhausting but surprising whole. Unrestricted attention is demanded throughout from the listener, after some spins it is increasingly rewarded, though, and what opens is a masterpiece that leaves nothing to be desired. It’s especially fans of the afore-mentioned bands plus worshippers of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, INTO THE MOAT or THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN should be blessed with countless varied hours by DESPISED ICON. (Online December 9, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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