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Centinex - World Declension (8/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Cold Records
Playing time: 38:48
Band homepage: Centinex


  1. Victorious Dawn Rising
  2. Purgatorial Overdrive >mp3
  3. The Destroyer
  4. As Legions Come
  5. Sworn
  6. Synthetic Sin Zero
  7. Flesh Is Fragile
  8. Wretched Gut
  9. Deconstruction Macabre
Centinex - World Declension

CENTINEX has been producing albums since 1990 and is one of those bands that I have heard about for years but never actually heard until now. Which is a real shame, because 1) I have been missing out on some good music for 15 years and 2) I may have had a better frame of reference to review this disc. I say that because “World Declension” is a unique yet almost typical Death Metal album.


All of the staples of good Death Metal are here: tight punishing drum work with perfectly placed double kick and blasting, down-tuned guitars and for vocals, a fairly deep growl with some more high pitched shrieks and yells in the mix. There are some rather thick, almost shouted (in Death vox) choruses which stick out and are often responsible for the unique identity of each song. Lyrically we’re largely dealing with the decline (declension is a synonym of ‘deterioration’) of our world and its inevitable destruction and the authors of these words are of the opinion that we deserve what we get. The riffs are fluid and precise and clearly demonstrate that these guys know what they are doing and are played in a style which proudly show their roots. Roots which are part of a tree planted by CENTINEX themselves a decade and a half ago. Nice to hear some good leadwork too.


I think that my use of the word ‘typical’ is fair in that there is nothing really new going on here from a genre perspective. Every time I spun “World Declension” I was in limbo: I knew I liked it, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. Perhaps my inability to use the crutch of comparing it to something else is the reason. Had I been into these guys since the beginning, I think I would be lounging with a satisfied smile on my face; as a newcomer to their music I’m unfortunately blinded by 15 years of good Death Metal from other bands. At the risk of being repetitive, this is CENTINEX doing their thing and doing it well.


Favorite tune: “Sworn” (Online December 9, 2005)

Todd Williams

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