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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - KAYSER - Kaiserhof

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Kayser - Kaiserhof (9/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 36:18
Band homepage: Kayser


  1. 1919
  2. Lost Cause
  3. Good Citizen >mp3
  4. Noble Is You Blood
  5. 7 Days To Sink
  6. Like A Drunk Christ
  7. Cemented Lies
  8. The Waltz
  9. Rafflesia
  10. Perfect
Kayser - Kaiserhof

KAYSER are hailing from Sweden, not from Germany, contrary to what you might expect. The band is comprised of four well-known musicians, that is Spice (ex-SPIRTUAL BEGGARS), Mattias Svensson (also active in DEFACED), Rob Ruben (ex-THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND) and Frederik Finnander (ex-AEON) and in their debut “Kayserhof” they have a big surprise in their bags.


While the former bands of Spice and Rob rather served the Rock’n’Roll or Stoner Rock genre, you realize with surprise that the opener on “Kayserhof”, “1919”, blows through the speakers in the vein of SLAYER. And it doesn’t simply do so for the sake of it, but in quality that would even fit the mentioned Thrash Metal legend. Especially the vocals are damn reminiscent of Tom Araya, but also of Mille of KREATOR.


With the following songs a smile is put on my face, too. Tunes such as “Noble Is Your Blood”, “7 Days To Sink” or “Perfect” have the neatest Thrash riffing I’ve heard in a long time. But KAYSER don’t act on a fast level all the time. No, because they haven’t forgotten their Rock roots. So one half of the songs is similar to SLAYER while the other is particularly similar to BLACK SABBATH. That is to say the tempo is slowed down here and there and replaced by a murderous groove. Just listen to “Lost Cause” or “Cemented Lies”. The fireworks, which encompass ten songs, are complimented by a sound that leaves nothing to be desired that fits perfectly with what the guys have recorded on disc here. All of the pieces were written by Spice and Mattias Svensson, by the way, and I’m not lying when I say that there is not a single mediocre track among the tunes.


“Kaiserhof“ fully convinces me and thus the record is one of the best I have heard this year. Heaviness, speed, cool guitar solos, groove and a lot of variation are what makes up this disc. In fact anyone who has anything to do with Metal can get this. Whether he is old school or new school, Thrasher or Rocker, there’s something on here for everybody. As I expect another improvement of the band’s next record, they “only” get a thick thick 9 from me, which already is hit by the shadow of the ten. A clear recommendation to you Metalheads out there from my part, and massive credits to KAYSER to Sweden.


Check out tips: “1919“ should be enough to convince you. (Online December 10, 2005)

Patrick Weiler

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