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American Dog - Foamin’ At The Mouth Live (8/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 70:48
Band homepage: American Dog


  1. Another Lost Weekend
  2. Workin' Man
  3. Shitkicker
  4. Barely Half Alive
  5. Blame It On The Booze
  6. D-N-F
  7. Got You By A Chain
  8. Too Damn Sober
  9. Hear Me Howlin'
  10. Drank Too Much
  11. I'll Drink To That
  12. Bomber
  13. Last Of A Dying Breed
  14. D-N-D
American Dog - Foamin’ At The Mouth Live

AMERICAN DOG’s theory concerning the recording of a live album has got something. Why should you ship all the expensive recording equipment into a club with a horde of drunken people, if you could just as well just drop these drunkards off in the studio where the equipment already is all ready? And for exactly this reason the trio Hannon, Theado and Pickens carted eighty of their truest fans and friends into the studio and recorded “Foamin’ At The Mouth Live“ on their own and what should I say? The whole thing is damn entertaining!


AMERICAN DOG have never been filigree technicians that build intricate models with precision instruments, no, these guys take the chainsaw and take on a tree, fuelled by a few gallons of beer. And that is what makes this album so much fun, because the Americans play straight from the hop and if they don’t get you going you are either dumb, completely void of feelings or simply dead, nothing here is over produced, there are no overdubs or similar crap, this is authentic and alive, with an energy that is infectious and gives you the feeling that the band stands next to you in the living room and just rocks away.


With “Another Lost Weekend“ and “Workin’ Man“ they set out a bit more groovy before truly kicking the shit loose with “Shitkicker“, shooting out energy and entertainment and “Barely Half Alive“ has the power to wake the dead, this is how true Rock’n’Roll has to sound, dirty, unpolished and just energizing! “Drank Too Much“ is the ultimate sing-along song and in the encore we even get a MOTÖRHEAD cover with “Bomber”, while “D-N-D” at the very end is a funny drinking song, which surely will work even better with some beer inside.


The only thing that AMERICAN DOG are lacking is a good deal that will also make them a bit better known in Europe, because hardly anyone knows them there yet, they definitely have the class to win over and true Rock fan, this trio is just plain fun! (Online December 11, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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