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66 tablatures for Cathedral

Cathedral - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights (9/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 70:47
Band homepage: Cathedral


  1. Dearth AD 2005
  2. Tree Of Life & Death
  3. North Berwick Witch Trails
  4. Upon Azrael's Wings >mp3
  5. Corpsecycle
  6. Fields Of Zagara
  7. Oro The Manslayer
  8. Beneath The Funeral Sun
  9. The Garden
  10. Proga-Europa
Cathedral - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

The new CATHEDRAL is definitively the best one ever in the history of the British band. That goes from the ingenious cover artwork to the dirty/brilliant production and not to forget: the songs. These are really divine and they should delight all Heavy Rock fans with a mania for the 70s as well as all Doom maniacs of this world!


After the intro “Dearth A.D.” follows “Tree Of Life & Death”, which is a doom crusher with harsh vocals and insane solos. The bass is brutal, too. CATHEDRAL weren’t that heavy for a long time… After a short “witch trial intro” follows the first highlight, “North Berwick Witch Trials” with a smart Doom riff and it reminds me instantly of their hit “Hopkins (Witchfinder General)”. Just great! “Upon Azrael’s Wings” sounds even more evil than the opener and it contains a certain CELTIC FROST touch. “Corpsecycle” is then a surprising track of the British guys, this song has an almost poppy chorus, which could be something for all Stoner fans.


“Fields Of Zagara” is a beautiful acoustic song and it serves as intro to the fabulous Doomer “Oro The Manslayer” (culty title!). This seven- and a half minute lasting track is truly big Doom art! It’s rather driving than sludgy but very catchy and hardly to get out of your mind. It has a great structure, a cool chorus and the riff rules! The mid-part inspires with one of the most enthralling solos in recent time. Then follows “Beneath A Funeral Sun”, which is rather inconspicuous and not a typical song for the band but still a great tune. What follows then, can not be described: “The Garden” lasts unbelievably 26:58 minutes long and it’s really the best and most unique one, CATHEDRAL ever wrote… It’s nearly impossible to describe this. Other bands would make a whole album out of this one. You must have listened to it.


If you always liked Lee Dorrian’s Retro Metal band, you also must have this album. The band probably won’t gain any interest from new fans due to the strangeness of this work. And don’t worry that CATHEDRAL belong now to the big Nuclear Blast label. They never sounded that weird, progressive and that dirty as on “The Garden Of Unearthly Delights”. (Online December 11, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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