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Besatt - Sacrifice For Satan (4,5/10) - Poland - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Undercover Records
Playing time: 40:26
Band homepage: Besatt


  1. Gloria Cause Satani
  2. Toast Of Victory
  3. Time For Gathering >mp3
  4. Fallen Angel
  5. The Kingdom Of Hatred
  6. The Circle Of Disdain
  7. Spiritual Explosion
  8. Hellish Whispers
Besatt - Sacrifice For Satan

This release is typical of today’s extreme Metal scene. Content to play average generic tripe, bands like BESATT use riffs that their primary influences would scrap as being second-rate. DARK FUNERAL melodies, coupled with early MAYHEM’s intense rhythm seems to be the desired concept, but such average riffs and weak, non-descript vocals ruin the effect.


The release as a whole reeks of being immature and has an air of childish hero-worship about it. It’s almost like watching a child, fresh from watching “Crouching Tiger…” making his first tentative slashes in their air with a cheap plastic sword, following the amazing skill and grace of the film’s swordsman. Indeed, it is this “fumbling” nature that shocked me when I discovered that this band has been in existence for over ten years! Being unfamiliar with the band’s past discography, I can only hope that “Sacrifice For Satan” isn’t their crowning moment.


That is not to say that the release is wholly without merit, the solid percussion and good production speaks well for the bands development. Furthermore, there are melodic mid-sections, for example in “Time For Gathering,” that show talent, as well as other sections that utilise clean or acoustic sounding under-rhythms to a nice, ambient effect.


The video that is a bonus feature on the disc typifies everything that’s wrong with the band. The cheapness and ridiculous image shows inexperience and immaturity, neither of which should be there this late into their careers. Despite the song in question, “The Kingdom Of Hatred,” being one of the strongest on the release it still has many of the flaws that blight the album as a whole. Perhaps this would all be excusable for a younger, less experienced band. For supposed veterans however, this is little more than a joke. (Online December 13, 2005)

Niall Kennedy

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