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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - LENG TCH'E - Process Of Elimination

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Leng Tch'e - Process Of Elimination (8/10) - Belgium - 2005

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 36:37
Band homepage: Leng Tch'e


  1. The Fist Of The Leng Tch'e
  2. Don't Touch My Spandex
  3. Overkill Bill
  4. Another Hit Single
  5. Bobby-Joe's Slumber Party
  6. Remote Controlled
  7. Glamour Girl Concubine >mp3
  8. Ingest / Dissent
  9. Man's Inhumanity To Man
  10. Motorgrinding
  11. Fat Camp
  12. Schematic
  13. Icon Resizer
  14. Derisive Conscience
  15. Patriotic Pleasure
  16. The Plastic Motive
  17. Testosterone Collar
  18. Scene Scenery
  19. Clarity Denied >mp3
  20. Mediocrity Contest
  21. P.I.M.P.
  22. Reality? TV
  23. Alliance Of Blockheads
  24. Terminal Excess Patient
Leng Tch'e - Process Of Elimination

Named after an ancient Chinese torture method, LENG TCH’E (pronounced Leng Tashay) is “Death by a thousand cuts”. A clever yet violent name like that already shows class from this band, as far too many bands of this genre have something cheesy and stupid as their moniker. Plus the cover art is just killer. It’s one of those images that can convey so many scenarios. Is the guy an actor playing the part of a killer, or did is he really stumble upon a movie set and tear out people’s spines? If so, then what’s the camera doing there? Ahh, so many questions you can discuss with your friends when discussing the awesomeness of the album cover. However, the band name and the cover isn’t the only part that absolutely rule about this record. The music follows suit, also in clever fashion, as LENG TCH’E do have a sense of humour about themselves (as mentioned in other reviews and from the song titles. “Don’t Touch My Spandex”? HAHA!) and the genre they play, yet still they write something that can stand up with the fore-front of the Grind world.


We’ll complain about the short songs right now. If you’re not familiar with Grind, most bands play REALLY short songs, most not going to the 3 minute mark and they play lots of songs per album. The standard, in that respect. The songs are fast and pretty heavy as well. (I’m starting to thing that GOOD Grindcore bands tend to write songs as to fit an album as a whole, whereas the mediocre bands just blast away for 2 minutes and record what came out. Don’t know, that’s what I’m getting from these guys, NASUM and PIG DESTROYER).


The production values of the record are perfect for the style, giving the guitars this crushing low & bass-y yet pretty clear sound, kinda like DYING FETUS’ sound. The vocals also alternate between low and high growls, which give a nice touch.


The music goes from all-out brutality and blast parts, mixed with heavy groove riffing and a few punky interludes into a great piece of work. This is one of those cases where the whole is FAR greater that the sum of its parts; mainly cause of the ups and downs that LENG TCH’E takes you through on the album.


If you like Grind, you probably have this by now, as the band has been creating quite a name for themselves lately. If you want to divulge into Grindcore, this is a GREAT place to start. (Online December 13, 2005)

Armen Janjanian

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