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Birdflesh - Night Of The Ultimate Mosh (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Razorback Records
Playing time: 27:27
Band homepage: Birdflesh


  1. Coffinfucker
  2. Master Of Violence
  3. Gore In Gore Out
  4. Arabian Psycho
  5. Night Of The Ultimate Mosh
  6. The Rolling Massgrave
  7. Above, Where Are You?
  8. Catmouth
  9. Gut To Kill
  10. Bloodshed Attack
  11. Eternal Emotions
  12. Slaughter Of The Flies
  13. Boweltrasher
  14. Kid Of The Brown Vomit
  15. The Evil Pig
  16. Everything Is Shit
  17. Dance On The Frozen Desert
  18. Crowes In The Nose
  19. Death And Insanity
  20. Carmolesting Dead
  21. Suicide Maniac
  22. Victim Of The Grind
Birdflesh - Night Of The Ultimate Mosh

Some use Extreme Metal as an opportunity to vent out negative feelings. Some use it to simply have a good time. BIRDFLESH belongs to the latter category, playing Grindcore that must have been fun making. Having a good time and injecting humour into both music and lyrics haven’t made “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” any less furious, or brutal, than bands it’s natural to compare them with. The playing skills ensure that the music of BIRDFLESH cuts like a scalpel, much like being operated by a doctor high on pills, telling you fucked up jokes. I guess this kind of doctor probably would have forgotten to give you anaesthesia, which could make you misunderstand some of the jokes.


The production values are, as it is with most bands from Sweden, very good. I really like the way the guitars sound, quite similar to the guitar sound that JIGSORE TERROR use. I would like to recommend JIGSORE TERROR’s “World End Carnage” for those who are looking for some more quality Grindcore. Enough about them, let’s get back to BIRDFLESH. “Coffinfucker” opens this CD in a terrific way, full speed ahead; damn I really like the sound of the drums as well. It sounds like the drummer is beating the living hell out of his drum kit. The guy behind the microphone refuses to be any worse, delivering an intense and varied performance, killer extreme vocals.


When it comes to the humour that BIRDFLESH use I would like to say that it’s refreshing to hear a band that manages to have a tongue in the cheek while delivering their brutal message. Way too many bands ends up sounding like a bunch of frustrated men, growling lyrics about all the sick and evil things you can do to a woman. I’m not saying that I despise all bands that use this kind of lyrics; both PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT and GOREROTTED have done one good record each that has this kind of theme. The good one from PD is called “Left In Grisly Fashion” and the one from GOREROTTED is called “Only Tools And Corpses”. I could’ve used many lines listing bands that have a vocalist that sounds like a distorted vacuum cleaner growling lyrics about making new holes in women. Close to none of these lyrics are able to top what CANNIBAL CORPSE did on a record like “Tomb Of The Mutilated” anyway.


“Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” is a very fast record that “slows down” on some occasion. The reason I write slows down in column is because it doesn’t ever go in Doom tempo. The slowest speed is an upbeat rock beat that they use in different variations through the record. Unlike many other bands within this genre BIRDFLESH lets the music talk, using samples only sparsely. The worst example when it comes to having samples before the songs start, must be MORTICIAN. They are able to use a one minute intro on a song that lasts for like 40 seconds, it should be sold with a price reduction, that’s for sure. So no reason to worry about the rather short playing time on “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” then, everything on it rocks. Even “Dance On The Frozen Desert”, which isn’t Metal at all, works really well. This is the kind of humour I appreciate; take a listen if you have the chance.


I don’t think BIRDFLESH are one of the band that most people have heard of, therefore I’m pleased to have the opportunity to give them some seconds of “fame”. I would like to use this chance to recommend all people of Extreme Metal to take a listen to what BIRDFLESH are capable of doing. This is Grindcore with a fat guitar sound, instead of the treble ridden noise that many other Grind band uses. This guitar sound could make some label them Death Metal. Labelling aside, take a listen to “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” if you have the chance. (Online December 15, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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