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Death Before Disco - Party Bullet (9/10) - Belgium - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Dockyard 1
Playing time: 60:02
Band homepage: Death Before Disco


  1. Intro
  2. Dear Escalated
  3. Putting Power To The Pauze
  4. Blink, Brake
  5. Like Serpico
  6. Hiss, Hill, Lolita
  7. The Nation’s Divide
  8. Traces
  9. Moving Is Easy
  10. The Sweetened Itch
  11. Party Bullet
Death Before Disco - Party Bullet

It’s really hard to point out the musical direction, DEATH BEFORE DISCO haven taken. It’s not easy to combine styles like Hardcore, Metal, Punk and Jazz and it’s difficult to describe this in few words. Band name and album title are not that much expressive, but the music of the Belgians is very convincing. It’s instantly clear that DEATH BEFORE DISCO have much technical skills and that they are perfect on their instruments.


This is important to say, because it’s not easy with all these influences and there’s a thin line between skilled music and an uncontrolled chaos. After a short intro, DEATH BEFORE DISCO start furiously with “Dear Escalated” and besides the filigree guitar playing and the variable vocals, they delight with aforementioned combination of genres. There are outbursts of fury in best Hardcore manner, catchy choruses like from some important New York bands and you always see them having fun to play, all together leads me to think about the term Prog Rock. The same goes for “Putting Power To The Pauze” and “Blink, Brake”, they are really brilliant and their songs are already convincing for the first time you listen to them and furthermore, they are able to create songs, which last for a long time. The wonderfully melodic “Like Serpico” starts with calm acoustic guitars, clean vocals and increases to a groovy rocker with style.


This is no banal, commercial crap like NICKELBACK or others, this is something with feeling and the healthy dose technical prowess, a great song needs to develop to an ear-candy without any immaterialness. “Kiss, Kill, Lolita” is then again much heavier but it also contains a first-class relaxed mid part, which balances the scenario and at the end, it gets again heavier. “…” is an about one minute long, wonderful acoustic intro for the following great “The Nation Divide”. This song is damn catchy and it’s a highlight of this album. Impressive and recommendable! But this is not all, DEATH BEFORE DISCO have to offer, also “Traces” surprises with feelingly sing-alongs and a skilful interaction between driving passages and intelligently placed, calmer parts. Their inventiveness seems never to end, the jaunty “Moving Is Easy” is as well a motivated and convincing introduction for the last tracks. They prove again, that they know no limits because they integrate so much various styles.


While bands like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN or INTO THE MOAT proceed with a mathematical precision, DEATH BEFORE DISCO manage it to create the same but with heart and soul and without any loss of technical demands. This comparison may be a bit loose but the five Belgians definitively prove that melody, catchiness and high technical skills are no contradictions. The remaining songs, “The Sweetened Itch” and the crunchy title track, are the best choices to round off a completely delighting album of a band, you have to reckon with. The beginnings are impressively set with “Party Bullet” and I just can pay some respect to the band. Good work, guys! (Online December 17, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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