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Old-Hate - At Home In Hardcore (7,5/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Burnside Records
Playing time: 35:49
Band homepage: Old-Hate


  1. Our Life
  2. The Truth
  3. Funeral For A Frier
  4. Not Less Not More
  5. Small World
  6. Weekend Warriors
  7. Stupid Girl >mp3
  8. You’re Not
  9. Old-Hate
  10. Real Love
  11. Fuck Off (Girl Song)
Old-Hate - At Home In Hardcore

Hardcore or maybe not? The intro “Our Life” rather makes you expect a traditional Heavy Metal thunderstorm, but after a few moments this condition changes relentlessly and the wild music kicks in. They still stick to traditional paths, though now the Hardcore sound is what makes the earth shake. OLD-HATE have very little to do with the predominant Metalcore scenario but take you into the realm of straight-forward and classic storming that unexpectedly makes the brain’s convolutions swing. Ready, set, go and the actions begins.


Without mercy OLD-HATE tear through the song material throughout the playing time and they seem really solid and relentlessly heavy at that. The front-man howls out his lungs in a great manner while the instrumental team makes the paint come off the walls. The bass is mumbles along well audibly, precise walls of guitars make the ear-drum vibrate and hectic drums. Hardcore the way it should be and is heard with enjoyment. OLD-HATE are not for wimps and they definitely live up the album’s title. Even though they will not win a prize for innovation with “At Home In Hardcore”, the four protagonists are just fun to listen to. Worth checking out, I promise! (Online December 27, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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