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Red Harvest - Cold Dark Matter (3/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Industrial
Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Playing time: 38:23
Band homepage: Red Harvest


  1. Omnipotent
  2. Last Call
  3. Absolut Dunkel:Heit
  4. Cold Dark Matter
  5. Junk-O-Rama
  6. Fix.Hammer.Fix
  7. The Itching Soul
  8. Death in Cyborg Era
  9. Move Or Be Moved
Red Harvest - Cold Dark Matter
Oh, oh, Industrial, one of my absolute "favourites"... So let's get it done.

The Norwegians are among the well-known bands in their home-country and are labelled as one of the most unpredictable acts overall, which I can imagine...

The info states the style as "Apocalyptic Industrial Cyber Metal" ans is quite close to the truth, but you could also name it "Refrigerator-Noise-Industrial", because RED HARVEST manage to create an atmosphere so cold that you have to watch out to prevent your speakers from spawning icicles...

Into this quite brutal and uncompromising sound they also implement some more atmospheric and melodic passages, like on "Cold Dark Matter", but you can also find technoid parts, like on "Absolut Dunkel:Heit".

So who feels attracted to such a mixture, should get this one and just ignore my rating...

Alexander Melzer

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