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Killing, The - Exhibit A (7,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Endall Music
Playing time: 10:20
Band homepage: Killing, The


  1. Vice >mp3
  2. Red Head >mp3
  3. Pure
Killing, The - Exhibit A

If it pleases the court, I’m going to begin by examining “Exhibit A.” Man, that was retarded. Sorry. Anyway, it seems as if THE KILLING are adept at blending Technical Death Metal, Thrash and Metalcore, because these ten minutes are indeed worthy of brief glorification.


I’m not gonna spend too much time fleshing out the details. There’s just not that much to discuss. However, it’s surprising that a band conceived in 2002 unleashed a full-length – “What is Yet to Come” – in 2003 and then followed that up by unchaining a stellar effort in 2004, namely “Exhibit A.” Considering the fact that the EP is only ten minutes and change, there are only three songs to mull over: “Vice,” “Red Head,” and “Pure.” Not exactly an album you’d want to take to a desert island, huh? Even so, the material is arresting. While undeniably Metal (Death and, at times, Thrash), THE KILLING’s use of synthesizers catapults them into UNDEROATH’s former arena. Check out “Act Of Depression” and/or “Cries Of The Past” to see what I mean. Also, the rhythms speak to the Metalcore subgenre on opuses like, well, any of the three mentioned earlier. Still, the guitar solos manage to undermine my last couple of sentences in a way that is most assuredly not coy.


Overall, the speed, complexity and nebulous style conglomeration will appeal to a wide audience. Honestly, though, I’m not convinced that plopping down cash for this is utterly necessary, as there are a billion other records I have yet to obtain. Either way, it’s in your hands now. [Insert famous Star Wars quote here. (Online December 31, 2005)

Jason Jordan

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