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Katharsis - Kaleidoscope (7,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Dark Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:06
Band homepage: Katharsis


  1. Never To Return >mp3
  2. Everything’s Gone >mp3
  3. Inner Demons >mp3
Katharsis - Kaleidoscope

KATHARSIS are hailing from the south of Germany, and half a year after their formation they introduce themselves with their self-produced EP “Kaleidoscope”. Behind their nice cover only three songs hide, which make for a total playing time of 23 minutes, though. They call their music Progressive Dark Metal and talk up a journey through the world of emotions. Unfortunately I cannot agree with the latter, you can call it a journey, but a journey through the world of emotions is a bit over the top.


While the guitars often change between staccato riffs and atmospheric melodies – that often appear in a clear form, too – the keyboard adds well to the atmosphere and also contributes some melody itself. Vocally singer Alexander and female singer Alice deliver a good performance and partly sing at the same, which does not only fit well but is also important for the mood in the song. The male voice sounds full and warm, while the female part comes across as somewhat too petite. Though this is just a minor point of criticism and also the only one.


What is a bit sad is the fact that all of the three songs move at the same pace. Throughout the playing-time it never exceeds mid-tempo and it is slow for the most part. You cannot talk about a lack of variety, though, and none of the three songs is really bad. Unfortunately this EP will remain the only work by this constellation, as they recently parted ways with their vocalist and their drummer. We will have to wait and see who they will find for the positions which were occupied well before. But they plan a change of style towards the heavier directions, and they will certainly find someone there.


Searching for their preferred candidate for vocals in between OPETH and DISILLUSION, this could take quite some time. I think if someone meets these vocal preconditions, he will rather apply at BLOODBATH. I can only advise you to check out this EP, though, after all it is for free, as there is enough material on their homepage. You can also order the EP directly for €5 there. (Online December 31, 2005)

Achim Hentschel

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