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70 tablatures for Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing (9,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 35:40
Band homepage: Dying Fetus


  1. Schematics
  2. One Shot, One Kill
  3. Institutions Of Deceit
  4. Abandon All Hope
  5. Forced Elimination
  6. Stop At Nothing
  7. Onslaught Of Malice
  8. Vengeance Unleashed
Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing

In a way I’ve always thought DYING FETUS have done themselves a disservice with their name. While they certainly play a mix of Death and Grind Metal that is as relentless as any out there, they surely lose some listeners who will put them into the Gore and Grind column of which they won’t even bother with as they expect short, stabbing songs with little structure. Coming on the heels of their brilliant 2000 release “Destroy The Opposition”, “Stop At Nothing” is a focused, pummelling barrage of normal length Death tracks that any fan of DM should embrace.


Formed in 1991 in Maryland, it took DYING FETUS a number of years to release their first full length debut, but through that time and to the present, they have been a mainstay on the live circuit that have enjoyed a solid fan base. “Stop At Nothing” was second on my 2003 Top Ten due to its superb musicianship and fierce mix of Metal genres. What makes DYING FETUS and “Stop At Nothing” a band and album entrenched in Death Metal than pure Grindcore is that their songs are longer and far more varied than that of the typical Grind bands like early NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS. To be sure, DYING FETUS plough through tracks like “One Shot, One Kill” with a range from that blast beat of Grind to Mid-Tempo Death and at times a back and forth riffing of steady, punching Metal that has one swaying your head and waving the Horns!


DYING FETUS also are a band which defy their moniker by having extremely focused, social centred lyrics instead of the blood and guts one might expect from a band with “Fetus” in their name. Lyrically DYING FETUS come across with a more hardcore aesthetic, railing against mainstream society and convention. Ultimately though, it is the music I care about. That’s why DYING FETUS sit near the top of my favourite contemporary Death Metal acts right now. There’s just no bullshit with them. Add to that an ardent clutch on battering music with far more depth than they might be given credit for, you can’t lose. I await DYING FETUS’s new album anxiously but “Stop At Nothing” is a stellar work to hold me over. (Online January 1, 2006)

Stephen Rafferty

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