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Anton - …Todos Morirán Hoy (8,5/10) - Mexico - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 46:15
Band homepage: Anton


  1. Creador Del Dolor
  2. Vida Immortal
  3. Legados De Fuego
  4. Testigos De La Nada
  5. Monólogo En El Paredón
  6. Autodestrucción
  7. Iblis
  8. Yo Soy El Caos
  9. Mundos En Colisón
  10. Identidad
  11. Anton Lavey
Anton - …Todos Morirán Hoy

From Mexico we have ANTON, who have at least a major affinity for the following two things: Satanism, Anton Lavey in particular and the Spanish language. In all their lyrics, titles, booklet etc. there are maybe 5 words not in Spanish. But that’s good; I like it when people use their mother tongue. Too bad I barely speak the language. Besides that it gives a certain warmth to the music, which might sound fairly contradicting since they play Death Metal, but it’s true.


What the Mexicans have recorded on this disc is by all means of high quality. They take a bit of many types of Death Metal; think the fine double bass work of AMON AMARTH, the great melodic guitar licks of the Gothenburg School, a good traditional grunt and add to that some very small influences from Thrash, Traditional Metal and perhaps even Prog and ANTON is what you get. A melodic mix yet by no means soft.


Never does this album have a dip in form, but highlights there certainly are. The great Halford-esque screams at the beginning of “Monólogo En El Paredón” come to mind. But more so the superb guitar play of “…Vida Immortal”, “Iblis” (my favourite) and “Anton Lavey” with its almost MAIDEN like playing. Now I checked the booklet to see how many guitarists ANTON has and mister “War” is the only answer. He thus does a more then decent job for their sound and the speed at which he plays deceivingly seems like more then one guitar.


I would say that drummer David is the other outshining musician on this album with his powerful double bass driven playing. Blast beats are pretty rare on this album, not something seen all too often in the genre. Besides that his fills are interesting so that you quite simply have an album with exciting percussion. Bass and vocal duties are both taken care of in a very adequate way, above average, but nothing too special. Of course it is hard to be creative with a growl, but the language again helps here.


Nothing negative then you ask? Well of course their whole image is very dull, it’s not like ANTON is the first band to worship Lavey. Same goes for the artwork and what I can pick up from the lyrics. Pity really; but based purely on musical merit ANTON are a very worthy band and is hence recommended to fans of powerful and melodic Death Metal with intelligent riffing! (Online January 1, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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