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Superchrist - South Of Hell (7,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Autopsy Kitchen
Playing time: 39:34
Band homepage: Superchrist


  1. Running Free
  2. Hurry Up And Bleed >mp3
  3. None For You
  4. She’d Look Better (With A Black Eye)
  5. Aim Low >mp3
  6. Strangers In The Night
  7. Brown Eye Sees All
  8. Drink Or Drown
  9. Metropolis
  10. Don’t Ride With Superchrist
Superchrist - South Of Hell

According to the band’s website, this album was recorded on a broken eight track. Despite the rather grainy sound, the production fits the music on “South Of Hell” perfectly, as SUPERCHRIST dish out ten cuts of raw and dirty Punk-infused Metal that just screams “MOTÖRHEAD!” SUPERCHRIST wear their influences on their sleeve, but manage to provide enough ass-kicking Heavy Metal that this isn’t much of a problem.


“South Of Hell” gives us eight originals and two covers (IRON MAIDEN and, of course, MOTÖRHEAD), though the songs are all pretty much in the same vein. We get lots of distortion, a fast pace and a Punk attitude which will appeal to fans of the old school as much as it will to Metalheads. The structures are simple and the songs are catchy, making this a record more appropriate for mindlessly thrashing about than for reflective listening. SUPERCHRIST aren’t trying to challenge their listeners, but it’s hard not to give these guys a horned salute. It won’t take long at all to wrap your mind around this album, but it takes even less time to sink your teeth in.


Conjuring images of dive bars, cigarette smoke, cheap hookers and lots of beer, SUPERCHRIST may not appeal to many fans interested in the Metal scene’s more “cultured” offerings. If, on the other hand, you like MOTÖRHEAD, old school Punk Rock, or just down-and-dirty Heavy Metal, you owe this one a spin. (Online January 2, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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