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Ogre - Dawn Of The Proto-Man (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal / Heavy Rock
Label: Würmhole Records
Playing time: 49:19
Band homepage: Ogre


  1. Ogre
  2. Colossus
  3. 78
    The Jaded Beast
  4. a) Out Of The East
  5. b) Invasion
  6. Skeletonized >mp3
  7. Suicide Ride
    Black Death
  8. a) De Vermis Mysteriis
  9. b) Rats, Life And History
Ogre - Dawn Of The Proto-Man

Doom meets Blues meets Seventies-Heavy Rock, that’s exactly the mixture on “Dawn Of The Proto-Man” of the American band OGRE. They play somewhere between BLACK SABBATH, BUDGIE, BLUE CHEER, old AC/DC and newer acts like SIENA ROT, THE HIDDEN HAND or FALCON. The three guys from New England rock the hell out of their instruments. Sometimes more relaxed but always eruptive, sometimes sludgy, accompanied by pumping bass lines and a vivid drumming.


OGRE don’t care about any trends, they sound like it would be 1972. The singing is not highly technical but it’s very earthy and authentic. May be that sounds a bit old fashioned but OGRE reawaken that good, old bluesy Doom Rock and they breathe life into it with their delighting musicianship and the cool vocals. Stoner fans, traditional Rock fans and maybe also Doom freaks, who like traditional bands like THE OBSESSED, SAINT VITUS or WALL OF SLEEP, should have it. (Online January 2, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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