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God Forbid - IV: Constitution Of Treason (9/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Hardcore / Thrash Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 50:24
Band homepage: God Forbid


  1. The End Of The World
  2. Chains Of Humanity >mp3
  3. Into The Wasteland
  4. The Lonely Dead
  5. Divinity
  6. Under This Flag
  7. To The Fallen Hero
  8. Welcome To The Apocalypse
  9. Constitution Of Treason
  10. Crucify Your Beliefs
God Forbid - IV: Constitution Of Treason

As the title „IV: Constitution Of Treason“ tells you, this is the Americans’ fourth album. With their mixture of Hardcore and Thrash Metal they were able to make a name for themselves and gather a big fan community. With their latest work they prove once again that they really deserve their name and the numerous tours with big acts like IN FLAMES and MACHINE HEAD. Behind the thematically appropriate cover by Travis Smith, who was also responsible for artworks with OPETH and NEVERMORE, there is a great sound that really cannot be criticized.


The guys do not reinvent themselves on this record, though they evolve like every combo and once again deliver a huge thing. Rock-hard Hardcore riffs alternate with thrashy passages. To those who know the band, this is old news, but what is certainly striking is the fact that the vocals are very mature. I do not like the clean sung sections that much yet, but with all the rest you can confidently say that front man Byron does not need to fear any comparisons in the scene. Behind him the steamroller of sound rolls down everything until the walls start shaking and you are simply forced to crank up the volume to the max. The production pumps out huge pressure that could not be more brutish. Them riffs are razor-sharp and come along heavy and low when the guitars are not fighting one of their duels. The drumming can confidently be called very good, too. At times, instruments such as a piano and an acoustic guitars are used surprisingly and accompany calm and melodic passages.


Overall, GOD FORBID offer an impressively good and varied mixture that will certainly set new standards. And although they always developed with their albums, I doubt that they will be able to top this. I do not know what can be done better here, anyways. If you do not get this, you are the one to blame. Solely because the CD has a total length of more than 50! minutes. (Online January 3, 2006)

Achim Hentschel

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