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Screaming Eyes - s/t (8/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Metalcore / Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:12
Band homepage: Screaming Eyes


  1. Hold Fast
  2. To My Darkness
  3. Angel Fall: Fallen Angel’s Fear
  4. Angel Fall: Death Angel Silence >mp3
Screaming Eyes - s/t

Metalcore usually isn’t my thing. Though it often has great musicians and good instrumental sections the vocals always ruin it for me. That and sometimes used start/stop riffs, which I rarely like. So when I got SCREAMING EYES’ demo I wasn’t expecting that much, not only because of the style but also because of the not so awe-inspiring name and artwork which is both bad in concept and execution. But since it’s their first demo they’re excused about the latter.


Musically however SCREAMING EYES prove me dead wrong as this is a fairly enjoyable CD. Sure; the vocals are still the weakest point of the band in my opinion, but the twin guitar attack more then makes up for it. Guitarists Andrea and Mattia present me with awesome guitar play where the whole Gothenburg-sound passes the ears, as well as Thrash inspired riffs to MAIDEN like duels; certainly the highlight of this disc.


Besides that the whole band doesn’t come across as a Metalcore band but more as a band who wants to play good rocking Metal, rooted in the heavier styles but with some side trips to older Metal and even their old passion Hardcore (although that influence is pretty minimal). I respect both Metal (obviously) and Hardcore but think that the twain should never meet.


Already in the opener “Hold Fast” you can hear the great melodic guitar play and catchy killer riffs, often with calmer passages. The vocal duties done by Bruno are handled in a diverse way of which I like his grunt the best. This style fits best with the music and the other styles; shouts, screams and the like can be fairly annoying. Maybe just sticks to one style? Use a growl and you got a good Melo Death band, start using clear vocals and you have a very powerful traditional band. Future enough for these guys methinks. Especially given their age, all of them born in or after 1985!


The best work on this short demo lays in the duo songs of “Angel Fall” where the band have a really mature sound and the great riffs and twin-harmonies are heard aplenty. I’ll even take the not so good vocals for granted then. Definitely a band with future: they already have some great guitarists and a good bassist and drummer; now get the vocals straight and refine your sound (meaning ditch the Metalcore label). And some decent artwork please! (Online January 4, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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