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Los Los - Viva Los Los (1/10) - Mexico - 2005

Genre: Metal
Label: Drakkar
Playing time: 46:39
Band homepage: Los Los


  1. Vamos A La Playa >mp3
  2. Macarena >mp3
  3. Mojito
  4. The Ketchup Song
  5. Cantando En La Iluvia
  6. La Isla De Los Muertos
  7. Maria
  8. Quita La Mascara
  9. La Cucaracha >mp3
  10. Luki Luki
  11. Oye Como Va
  12. Ilarie
  13. Hasta La Vista
Los Los - Viva Los Los

The biggest joke in current Metal scene is named LOS LOS and it’s supposed to be a band of German/Mexican desperados, which have allegedly kidnapped a bull and they are wanted in Mexico. Their catch will be rewarded with 500000 US-dollars. So, the bandits got undercover and went to Germany. There live surely enough idiots, which will like their stuff and even pay for it. What an idea, this record label had, when it comes to promote a band without any talent.


This is pure idiocy because their foozling of acoustic catastrophes like “Vamos A La Playa”, “The Ketchup Song” or “Maria” in a very poor RAMMSTEIN version is very, very boring. It’s neither grooving nor funny. It’s just stupid and boring! If it would be at least some Sludge-Doom versions. But this is totally poor! And this shit got a record deal, so I don’t understand the world anymore! (Online January 4, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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