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Illusion Of Clarity - Ambivalent Existence (8/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 30:51
Band homepage: Illusion Of Clarity


  1. Faceless >mp3
  2. Beyond Borders Of Logic >mp3
  3. Legacy Of A Cold Heart >mp3
  4. Unconscious Minds >mp3
Illusion Of Clarity - Ambivalent Existence

Sweden – Is there any brand of Metal they can’t do? Again a first demo from ILLUSION OF CLARITY is a worthy effort made with the magic of the digital age by the band and a friend. Pouncing Power Metal is prevalent as the sound the band are going for, but there is a lot of Progressive elements that leak their way into the songs for a nice unique touch that many bands neglect to consider when starting out. After all general consensus is once there’s at least two dozen bands or more doing the same thing without adding their own unique brand the genre and bands can get stale for some of the listeners and can lead to ignorance of a talented group of musicians. Luckily, ILLUSION OF CLARITY does bring their seal and stamp on their tracks with a powerful force. The mixing could have been a little stronger but for a G4 Mac doing all the work we can only ask so much, but I found it a little bassy at times which detracted from the overall strength of the songs as a whole.


Track 3 “Legacy Of A Cold Heart” sounds like a long forgotten pop song from the intro but breaks into the Metal later on so don’t despair. It rings of that melancholic edge that bands like SONATA ARCTICA use in many of their songs. The song is well broken up however between driving Power Metal gallops and clean acoustic bits every now and then to keep things fresh in this 9 minute monster.


All in all a great first crack at putting forth a demo effort that still manages to go to 30 minutes in length with only 4 tracks! Give ILLUSION OF CLARITY a studio and a producer and you would see a final product that would be much talked about in Power and Prog circles. (Online January 6, 2006)

Dave Galbraith

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