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Månegarm - Vredens Tid (9/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Pagan Metal
Label: Displeased Records
Playing time: 50:08
Band homepage: Månegarm


  1. Vid Hargen
  2. Sigrblot
  3. Skymningsresa
  4. Kollöga Trolltand
  5. Dödens Strand
  6. Preludium
  7. Vredens Tid
  8. Svunna Minnen
  9. Frekastein
  10. Hemfärd
  11. Segervisa
Månegarm - Vredens Tid

"Vredens Tid" is the fourth longplayer (if you do not count the demo collection "Vargaresa-The Beginning") of Northmen MÅNEGARM. For me it was the first contact with this band, I bought the CD because of its great Kris Verwimp cover artwork. Somehow I had expected furiously fast Black Metal attacks, but thankfully this was not the case. No, Pagan Metal is on the platter here, which technically is nothing new, but still enthuses.


Now MÅNEGARM do not ride on the much trodden BATHORY, FALKENBACH or EINHERJER paths, but sounds a lot more natural and almost primordial. And the “Humpa, humpa“ fraction also is far away. FUCKTROLL? No thanks. Folk parts, of course, also can be found frequently, but the guys rather follow the lead of SKYCLAD, so a more serious kind, which still is lots of fun.


I won’t say much more about the album, other than that all songs have tons of hit potential, there is a lot of variety, the violin parts fit perfectly, the songs are plainly entertaining and every fan of MOONSORROW, PRIMORDIAL, ENSIFERUM and THYRFING have to get this. (Online January 6, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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