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Beseech - Sunless Days (5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 43:23
Band homepage: Beseech


  1. Innerlane >mp3
  2. The Outpost
  3. A Bittersweet Tragedy
  4. Everytime I Die
  5. Devil’s Plaything
  6. Lost
  7. Last Obsession
  8. Emotional Decay
  9. Restless Dreams
  10. The Reversed Mind (Outro)
Beseech - Sunless Days

Not being a fan of this genre at all, I am unable to say in a comparative way how this release stacks up against like-sounding bands. All I could think about while listening was the one similar band which I have heard way too much of…EVANESCENCE. From the similar album cover (dreamy whiteish blue) to the female vocal style and riffing it would seem to me that they are pursuing the same market and doing so largely through imitation. Now, checking the timelines of the two groups, it appears as though BESEECH has been doing this since Amy Lee was in grade school, so maybe the reverse is actually the case. I have not listened to back catalogues to test these claims because ultimately it is a moot point.


“Sunless Days” is filled with the aforementioned female vocals and, in nearly all songs, low ‘gothic’ male vocals which most often reminded me of GREEN CARNATION. Guitars playing midpaced riffs and a lot of keyboards - mainly piano - round out the sound. The production is very sweet and perfect for the band’s sound which, in all departments, is strongly reminiscent of EVANESCENCE and GREEN CARNATION. There are no stand-out instrumentalists in the band, so nothing really grabbed my attention and kept it focused. There are some good hooks in the choruses, notably “The Outpost”, which I found sticking in my head after a few listens but I was able to chase those away with a quick blast of Metal.


I am fairly open minded when it comes to music, even if a band is from a genre I don’t particularly care for, but I really couldn’t hear anything that made me say “whoa” or even “hmmm” on this release; it is just too much the same pace (rather slow), fairly clinical and low key and relies heavily on the hooks in the choruses (chorii?) which made me think too often of EVANESCENCE, which made me think of how much I dislike EVANESCENCE, which led me to give this a fiver. Tack on my usual caveat: not my genre, so please listen to the samples if you do like the style, your mileage will vary from mine! (Online January 10, 2006)

Todd Williams

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