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Morsgatt - Butt Mud (10/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Goregiastic Records
Playing time: 33:45
Band homepage: Morsgatt


  1. Anal 1
  2. Nudist Razor Rape
  3. Anal 222
  4. Mongo Mosh
  5. Butt Mud
  6. Anal Anal Anal
  7. Gastric Influenza >mp3
  8. Shit On Her Clit >mp3
  9. Anal 44
  10. Horny Chicken Joints
  11. Anal 5
  12. Vulva Violator
  13. Anal 666
  14. Moray Masturbation Massacre
  15. Anal 77
  16. Whip You With My Old Shit Klister Hose
  17. Anal 8
  18. Cadaveric Gang Bang >mp3
  19. Anal 696
  20. Anal Armageddon
  21. Attila
  22. Shit Explosion
  23. Dickcheese
  24. Cheers Fuckface
  25. Asses On Fire
Morsgatt - Butt Mud

On the fifth “Keep It True“ festival MORSGATT’s CD “Butt Mud“ fell into my hands and I was done. I just had to have this album, I personally have never seen such a cool MORBID ANGEL tribute cover artwork. The four creatures that have chosen the nice pseudonyms of Long Dong Rubber, Clitcommander, Slowshitter and Tankball (and partly play in FEARER), have taken the "Altars Of Madness" artwork and replaced all the demons’ grimaces with tits, asses, boners and fuck scenes.


Ralf was so enthused that he bought the CD, too. In the car of a friend (hi Sturm!) we then had to listen in right away. We had expected to hear badly played, even worse produced porn Grind, but no way! Okay, the four perverts mostly blast off your head in best TERRORIZER manner, but we also often get Death Metal sounds in the vein of stone old MORBID ANGEL and also OBITUARY. The songs even are memorable, which is not exactly the usual thing. Everything is cleanly played and shoots out of the butt with a lot of power.


Thankfully there are no lyrics, otherwise the whole thing would be censored faster than I could roar “ass fuck”. The nice titles tell you everything and then the “Anal” titled interludes… Anything else? Oh yes, the last four songs are taken off the split EP with SCURVY and get this disc half way to long play format. Now how do you rate something like that? I tend towards the highest rating! (Online January 11, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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