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Debauchery - Torture Pit (8,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Black Attakk
Playing time: 53:31
Band homepage: Debauchery


  1. Torture Pit
  2. Butcherman
  3. Debauchery Bloodpack
  4. Cummin’ And Killing
  5. Vitality Of Decay
  6. Death Metal Warmachine
  7. Horrors Of War
  8. Meatgrinder
  9. War And Glory - Guts And Gore
  10. Goreobsessed Murderers
  11. Carnival Carnage
  12. Klan Of Killers
  13. Cult Of Gore
  14. Decadent Depravity Of The Dead
  15. Blood For The Bloodgod (Pussy Version)
Debauchery - Torture Pit

With "Torture Pit" DEBAUCHERY unleash their third attack on mankind. 15 brutal hits to the neck are handed out and the Swabians can fully score with them. "Torture Pit" is the so far most mature epos of the slaughters. Nothing has changed in the musical direction, they still play simple Death Metal such as MASSACRE, UNLEASHED and of course SIX FEET UNDER. The Americans around Chris Barnes haven’t been as good as this for a long time now or said differently: The students have surpassed the teachers.


They even have a true classic with “Death Metal Warmachine”, which is borne by an incredible great AC/DC riff, while I have to say that every single song for itself is a true force. OK, altogether the whole thing is getting relative, as the band does not put much effort into variety, meaning that they mostly act in the mid-paced tempos and only rarely let the cow fly, like on “Meatgrinder”. But who does not regard this a problem and because of that also worships BOLT THROWER, has to buy this.


You get used to the very artificial sounding vocals and the production is super fat. And you should definitely check out “Cult Of Gore” first, an absolute hit! The highflyer of the previous album “Blood For The Bloodgod” then also has been re-done with undistorted guitar, but as morbid as ever. Well and the lyrics are so simple that even the most drunken drunkard will understand it without any problems. It will remain to be seen, though, if they won’t get into big doodoo for the pictures and drawings in terms of censorship. (Online January 14, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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