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Necrocest - Dead Pretty (6,5/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 35:26
Band homepage: Necrocest


  1. Infested >mp3
  2. Cronic Rot
  3. Thy Caked In Cum
  4. Hydrochloric Enema
  5. Bled
  6. Persistant Genital Wart
  7. Raped Beyond Recognition >mp3
  8. Feasting On The Innards Of The Dead
  9. Hungry For Rotten Flesh
  10. Choke On Flesh
Necrocest - Dead Pretty

From Wales comes this U.S sounding Death Metal band. They've been around the block quite a while, NECROCEST as a band can be dated back to the mid nineties. Like most Metal bands their line-up hasn't been steady through the years. It still hasn't settled as the drummer playing on "Dead Pretty" is no longer in the band, let's hope they've found the right guy this time. Their first release, a demo entitled "No Waste Of Flesh", got it's release in 2001 and according to the promo the response was overwhelming. Like many times before here at TMO I haven't heard a single thing about the band in question before it appeared in my mail. But I guess that the differences between "No Waste Of Flesh" and "Dead Pretty" really aren't that big apart from different songs. I'm sure that the goal was and still is the same, Death Metal covered in gore.


Downtuned and brutal Death Metal that share similarities with old CANNIBAL CORPSE and old SUFFOCATION and sometimes even a bit like the modern version of these bands, is what NECROCEST has to offer. It maybe unnecessary to mention that the lyrics are sick as sick gets, nothing really new there then. Most importantly, though, is that they know how to play the good ole' Death Metal and NECROCEST knows how to do that. It's not polished or overly technical, instead they keep it heavy and filthy, all the way through. Neither is it a blast beat monster as the blasts are used relatively seldom. That leaves "Dead Pretty" sounding like something in between old school and new school U.S Death Metal. In my opinion they should've used the blast beats a bit more, as it breaks up some of the monotony that sneaks in on certain occasions. The other reason I want them to use more blast beats is because they play them well, it sounds really powerful when they kick in the blast. My favourite song on the album is the one called "Choke On Flesh", the album closer that is. On this one they sound a lot like DERANGED, nothing wrong with that in my opinion. And when you sound like DERANGED the music has a tendency to go fast, though there are some more breakdowns here than DERANGED are known to have in their songs.


Unfortunately there is a song that doesn't do anything for me, that being "Hungry For Rotten Flesh". This song contains some good riffs but ends up sounding messy and unfocused. When there has been four years since the previous release, filler material should be avoidable. It must be mentioned that "Hungry For Rotten Flesh" is the only real bad song on "Dead Pretty". "Choke On Flesh" is the only one I find to be really good, leaving the rest of the songs good but non essential. There is no doubt that NECROCEST are into something with their Death Metal, but I must admit that I prefer bands like BLOOD RED THRONE, BRUTALITY, VISCERAL BLEEDING and SPAWN OF POSSESSION, among others, before this Welsh act.


Those who are tired of the so called soulless and polished Death Metal of today should take a listen to NECROCEST. I'm sure that there are quite some people out there who will appreciate the music of NECROCEST. (Online January 15, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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