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Alev - If We Ever (5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Rock
Label: s.a.d. music
Playing time: 12:09
Band homepage: Alev


  1. I We Ever (Massdestructive Ignorance)
  2. Bugun Degismezsek (Turkish Version)
  3. Cause & Effect (Live@RadioFitz)
  4. Where Is The Horse? (Live@RadioFitz)
  5. If We Ever (Video)
Alev - If We Ever

ALEV is a slice of Melodic contemporary Rock music from of all places Turkey. ‘’If We Ever’’ is the single from the debut album ‘’We Live In Paradise’’ and it’s a polished energetic although routinely played modern Rock song.


Fronted by the excellent pipes of female vocalist Alev Lenz the band give a good performance through this five track offering with the Turkish version of the title track being the singles high point.


Worth checking out if bands like EVANESCENCE, AVRIL LAVIGNE and say SKUNK ANANSIE are you bag. (Online January 18, 2006)

Chris Doran

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