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Dagorlad - The End Of The Dark Ages (7/10) - Belgium - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: LSP Company
Playing time: 43:47
Band homepage: Dagorlad


  1. Intro
  2. Zul'Dahr
  3. The Revelation To Mallek
  4. The Cauldron Of Death
  5. The Bulls Of Itaros
  6. Neflit
  7. The Warriors
  8. The March Of The Death
  9. The Holy Battle
  10. Epilogue
Dagorlad - The End Of The Dark Ages
SUMMONING? Almost. Belgian DAGORLAD ship similar waters as the Austrian duo, but are more deeply rooted in Black Metal than SUMMONING nowadays.

They also combine medieval atmosphere and melodies with (Black) Metal, and DAGORLAD manage to build their very own atmosphere as you will not meet too often. The Belgians give it a try with varied vocals, not only the typical blackroot-sortiment, but also using spoken word or cleanly sung passages.

Just as SUMMONING DAGORLAD use a drum-computer, which on the one hand fits the kind of music, but on the other hand does not seem to be as well integrated as with the Austrians, it rather seems like a foreign object at times. Not a big point of criticism, but still. But for that they really master the atmosphere and the medieval parts, a good counterpart to the Melodic Black, this opposition still works out.

Main point of criticism, though, is the production, which at times reveals obvious weaknesses, especially if you listen to "The End Of The Dark Ages" over headphones, and doesn't give the DAGORLAD-sound the room it would need to fully unfold its power.

Altogether a quite good album, which not least is hindered by the production, because the potential is there, so if you can look over this flaw, "The End Of The Dark Ages" should please every fan of early SUMMONING.

Alexander Melzer

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