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Neurothing - Vanishing Celestial Bodies (3,5/10) - Poland - 2005

Genre: Thrashcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 16:31
Band homepage: Neurothing


  1. Never Core
  2. Macheta >mp3
  3. Anomaly
  4. F.C.V.B
Neurothing - Vanishing Celestial Bodies

From Poland hails a very young band, describing themselves as Alternative Metal but sounding rather like a brutal mix between Thrash, Death Metal and Hardcore altogether with a definite touch of MESHUGGAH. NEUROTHING is their name and they released their first demo themselves in the form of this short EP, eventually to find a label.


Now while there certainly is a market for this modern day metal with lots of breaks, technical guitar play delivered in a brutal package, it is not of my liking. Save for the last song “F.C.V.B” which has a better drive and structure to it I get rather annoyed by the constant monotonous, often staccato styled riffs. Sometimes there is a lead part for some variety but they lack real substance. The vocals are very aggressive, sometimes with multiple layers and fit very well with the cold technical atmosphere of the album. “Chupasangre”, the vocalist would fit well with any Thrash Metal or some Hardcore bands.


Besides the drummer, who delivers some decent double bass work the only thing left worth mentioning is the production, which for a first demo is remarkably good. They possess a clear and powerful sound where every instrument is easily distinguishable. I wish these guys all the best with finding a label and I imagine that should be doable I however do not like this music or anything played in this style. MESHUGGAH fans and people who like modern, brutal and technical Metal should give their mp3 a listen, or better; watch their video, available on their website. (Online January 22, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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