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Sinocence - Black Still Life Pose (7/10) - Northern Ireland - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 68:03
Band homepage: Sinocence


  1. Requiem >mp3
  2. Psycho >mp3
  3. Beneath The Halo
  4. Makin’ The Monster
  5. Six Second Stare
  6. Drown The Noise
  7. Shedding Skin
  8. Anything For The Next Escape
  9. Inside
  10. Novocaine
  11. Soultied
  12. Scarred Human Voodoo Doll
Sinocence - Black Still Life Pose

After releasing two well received demo CDs Northern Ireland’s SINOCENCE have at long last picked up label backing through Casket Music who have given this talented lot the chance to re-record those two demos and also add a couple of new songs, ‘’Requiem’’ and ‘’Psycho’’ to the repertoire.


Instantly it’s very noticeable what a little professionalism brings to the dark, brooding and foreboding SINOCENCE sound. There’s tinges of SLAYER, NEVERMORE and perhaps even CROWBAR in the mix which all generates a powerful aggressive Metallic sound. There’s a strong Heavy Metal base running through the entire album especially on tracks like ‘’Beneath The Halo’’ but there’s also a strong vein of Metalcore busting it’s way through rather uncompromisingly on tracks such as ‘’Makin’ The Monster’’


Quite a force on the stage SINOCENCE have managed to emulate their live pedigree on ‘’Black Still Life Pose’’ with little difficulty. Fans of dirty, unrefined, pulsating Metal layered with Thrash and rasping, strained vocals will find SINOCENCE an easy pill to swallow. (Online January 23, 2006)

Chris Doran

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