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Raven - Wiped Out (10/10) - Great Britain - 1982

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Neat Records
Playing time: 60:30
Band homepage: Raven


  1. Faster Than The Speed Of Light
  2. Bring The Hammer Down
  3. Fire Power
  4. Read All About It
  5. To The Limit/To The Top
  6. Battle Zone
  7. Live At The Inferno
  8. Star War
  9. UXB
  10. 20/21
  11. Hold Back The Fire
  12. Chain Saw
  13. Crash Bang Wallop
  14. Run Them Down
  15. Hard Rock
  16. 20/21 (Outtake)
Raven - Wiped Out

The legendary chaos trio RAVEN from Newcastle was formed in the late seventies by the Mark and John Gallagher brothers and Rob “Wacko” Hunter, who always wore an ice-hockey mask. Not only were they one of the most important and best bands of the NWOBHM era, but they also were co-founders of Speed/Thrash Metal. After the debut “Rock Until You Drop”, this album hit the market in 1982 and shook the Metal world with fast, hectic and slightly chaotic tunes that counted among the heaviest stuff that existed back then.


The hysterical shrieking by John became the most important trademark of RAVEN. So did the hectic guitar work by his brother Mark. Underneath this, Wacko Hunter cemented a monster foundation with his power drumming! Of course there was TANK, VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD, but RAVEN simply were the weirdest mother fuckers in the British Empire! Their live reputation was legendary and this album was mandatory for any Metalhead! Only a few will be able to cope with it or appreciate it.


It is hard to digest, no doubt. That said, RAVEN have always been sophisticated musicians and could offer atmospheric songs that went down in Metal history. Tunes such as “Faster Than The Speed Of Light”, “Fire Power” or the great “To The Limit/To The Top” are cult tunes of Heavy Metal. Although every song on here is untouchable and immortal to me! A classic! (Online January 23, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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