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Symphorce - Godspeed (8/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 41:49
Band homepage: Symphorce


  1. Forsight
  2. Everlasting Life
  3. No Shelter
  4. Nowhere >mp3
  5. Haunting
  6. Black Water
  7. Wound Will Last Within
  8. Your Cold Embrace
  9. Without A Trace
  10. The Mirrored Room
  11. Crawling Walls For You
Symphorce - Godspeed

The members of SYMPHORCE are very busy guys. Vocalist Andy B. Franck doubles as vocalist for BRAINSTORM, guitarist Cedric C. Dupont also lends his axe work to FREEDOM CALL and guitarist Markus Pohl works the six-string in MYSTIC PROPHECY, as well. And while SYMPHORCE’s “Godspeed” doesn’t quite reach the quality of the BRAINSTORM’s latest, it certainly stacks up quite well with the most recent releases from FREEDOM CALL and MYSTIC PROPHECY.


Now let me warn any of you who might be unfamiliar with SYMPHORCE: they are not your typical Power Metal band. They have far more in common with MORGANA LEFAY, ANGEL DUST and NEVERMORE than HELLOWEEN and HAMMERFALL. Much of the material found on “Godspeed” is very modern in sound and delivery. The use of seven-string guitars makes this album very crunchy and heavy.


After a soft, acoustic intro, “Everlasting Life” and “No Shelter” bring a one-two punch as heavy, mid-paced stompers. “Nowhere” slows things down a bit and would not feel out of place on a SENTENCED album. “Black Water” and “Your Cold Embrace” both make use of electronics and have a slight Nu Metal feel to them. “The Mirrored Room” is possibly the most interesting song on “Godspeed”, beginning with a very bluesy, southern-USA swampy guitar intro, working into softer a softer verse and then beating the listener over the head in the chorus.


The highlight of “Godspeed”, as with all SYMPHORCE albums, is Franck’s excellent and very powerful vocals. My only complaint with the album is that it is not quite as strong as on the previous two releases.


“Godspeed” is another worthy addition to SYMPHORCE catalogue and anyone who has enjoyed the band’s previous output, should enjoy this well. Maybe just not quite as much. But, if you’re a fan of heavy and aggressive Power Metal and are not familiar with SYMPHORCE, what are you waiting for? (Online January 24, 2006)

Eric Vieth

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