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HateSphere - The Sickness Within (5/10) - Denmark - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 44:39
Band homepage: HateSphere


  1. The White Fever
  2. The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood
  3. Reaper Of Life >mp3
  4. Sickness Within >mp3
  5. Murderous Intent
  6. The Coming Of Chaos
  7. Bleed To Death
  8. Heaven Is Ready To Fall
  9. Seeds Of Shame
  10. Chamber Master
  11. Marked By Darkness
HateSphere - The Sickness Within

I have listened to this CD several times now, over a long period of time, in order to try and find the words to review it fairly. The first couple of listens really left no impression on me, and upon repeated spins, no change. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of the different parts: good production? Yes. Good musicianship? Yes. Heavy? Yes. Aggressive? Yeah kinda. Originality? No!


I just didn’t hear anything on this that stuck out; it sounds like melodic death in parts, without the trademark AT THE GATES melodies (an omission which saved it from being removed instantly from my player), but for the most part is just generic thrashy riffing. A less experienced (jaded?) listener might find this to be right up their alley; what is generic to me will quite possibly sound fresh to newer ears. Some consider this to be the second wave of Thrash but, to my way of thinking, that has already occurred - when everyone fired their singers and hired a Chuck Billy clone in the early 90s. I find the music on “The Sickness Within” is a throwback to that era, and as such just doesn’t do much for me.


Not a bad album, just not that memorable. (Online January 26, 2006)

Todd Williams

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