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Construcdead - The Grand Machinery (6/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Black Lodge
Playing time: 39:17
Band homepage: Construcdead


  1. Grand Machinery
  2. A Cog In The Machinery
  3. The Lustfull
  4. In A Moment Of Sobriety
  5. 8 Inches Of Flesh
  6. The Cynical Revolution
  7. Treachery
  8. The Eye Of Revelation
  9. Pater Noster
  10. Rusty Armour
  11. Forever Cin
  12. Hatelist
Construcdead - The Grand Machinery

This release falls into the category of Melodic Death. Anyone who knows that genre will already have 90% of the info necessary to decide on whether to check this out. Itís a good attempt at the style, however if you put ďThe Grand MachineryĒ on shuffle with a bunch of other Melodic Death releases, there would be no way in hell I could pick them out. There are occasional deviations from the blueprint, but not enough to make this stand out.


If you like this sub-genre (gimme AT THE GATES and Iím good), you will more than likely enjoy this, as I have definitely heard worse, but I canít really say much more than that about it. (Online January 27, 2006)

Todd Williams

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