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Necroid - Natural Disharmonies (6/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 50:57
Band homepage: Necroid


  1. CSI
  2. Illusion >mp3
  3. Light Bulb Massacre >mp3
  4. Alive Dead Undead
  5. Law Of The Jungle
  6. Natural Disharmonies
  7. Burning The Vermin
  8. Cannibalistic Rituals
  9. Trapped In Darkness
  10. Where Darkness Is Eternal
  11. Necromechanicals
  12. Mankind
Necroid - Natural Disharmonies

NECROID is a new entry into the already densely populated German Extreme Metal scene. They started their releasing career in 2003 with a demo called “Into Darkness”. All of the songs that are found on “Into Darkness” appear on “Natural Disharmonies” as well. “Natural Disharmonies” is the first full length release from NECROID, not bad after just one demo. What NECROID has to offer is a healthy mix of Death and Thrash Metal. One of the reasons for being positive today is because the members of NECROID are young and already shows good promise.


I wouldn’t be me if didn’t had something to complain about, so let’s get it over with. My only real complaint about “Natural Disharmonies” is the playing length. “Natural Disharmonies” contains many good riffs, the guitar sounds good and that goes for the drum as well. I like it when the drums sound powerful as they do on “Natural Disharmonies. The members of NECROID aren’t technical master like you’ll find in a band like CRYPTOPSY, but that doesn’t hinder them from making some good music. If they had been able to distil their ideas and riffs more concentrated I would be sitting here with a fat grin. The vocalist sounds good in these ears as well, Death Metal growls all the way. Maybe the vocals are a bit high in the mix, but they are at least well executed. All in all the production could have been better balanced, but since it’s their first full length I’m not going to make an issue out of that.


NECROID should be honoured for coming up with a song title like “Light Bulb Massacre”, some tongue in the cheek humour there. The lyrics as a whole are pretty standard Death Metal writings, suffering and death is the main topic. The standard of Death Metal lyrics aren’t the highest so I will not deduct any points for writing standard poetry.


The aforementioned “Light Bulb Massacre” is more than just an amusing song title; the song itself is good as well. What I like most with NECROID is when they riff their heads off, just like they are doing in the start of this song. Similar riff attacks can be found scattered around the record, they sure as hell sound determined when they play it like this. The riff about 3 minutes out in the song is also good, though some may say that it has been done countless times before. What NECROID does isn’t original in any fashion, but some of the riffs, and songs, are satisfying nonetheless. One can hear some SIX FEET UNDER influences in the music of NECROID, though with a lot more variation than Chris and his gang are able to come up with. The blast beats is one factor that prevents the music from drowning in monotony, something you won’t hear on any SFU albums released this far.


NECROID are still better at writing good riffs than good songs, fortunately good riffs are essential for making quality Metal. The music of NECROID has some Thrash influences but I think that fans of Death Metal will be the ones who’ll get the most out of “Natural Disharmonies”. I guess the vocals, along with the blast beats, will work as a turn off for many Thrash Metal heads.


If NECROID are capable of developing their song writing skills they can be worth watching out for. (Online January 28, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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