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Deathchain - Deathrash Assault (8/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Playing time: 39:12
Band homepage: Deathchain


  1. Return Of The Nemesis
  2. Venom Preacher
  3. Lepra Lord
  4. Graveyard Witchery >mp3
  5. Deathrash Legions >mp3
  6. Napalm Satan >mp3
  7. Panzer Holocaust
  8. Morbid Mayhem
  9. Valley Of The Corpses
Deathchain - Deathrash Assault

DEATHCHAIN are back and once again stomp everything into the ground in best Death/Thrash manner. There are plenty of killer riffs as sharp as knives and, of course, high speed until/to dislocating the cervical. Here SLAYER, RAZOR, DESTRUCTION meet DISMEMBER or GRAVE and the dirty bastard of Death Metal and cult-y old school Thrash functions excellently here, too.


It is quite intense, the battle party  that the Finns celebrate here. In comparison to the ultra rough debut “Deadmeat Diciples“ a little more Thrash was adapted so that cool Bay Area riffs improve the whole thing a little. Even the song titles alone are primitively super-cult. “Venom Preacher“, “Lepra Lord“ or “Panzer Holocaust“. Sounds cool, or my favourite is “Napalm Satan“ ... The songs themselves are bombs with head banging guaranteed, too, predestined for sweating, alcohol consuming Metal freaks. But unfortunately I have to confess that the CD doesn't persevere in the rush of high speed till the end. About the end it seems a little outworn. But when you start at the back it doesn't bother in no way. Shred!!! (Online January 28, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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