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Listeria - Full Of Fire (7/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 30:49
Band homepage: Listeria


  1. Like Alì >mp3
  2. Wold Over 3 D
  3. Swim In The Mud
  4. Emily >mp3
  5. Shadow >mp3
  6. Don’t Believe
  7. Little Star
  8. Delight
  9. Action >mp3
  10. Rock Is My DJ
Listeria - Full Of Fire

LISTERIA, named after bacteria that cause food poisoning, comes to us from Italy, but you would never know it by listening to the band’s debut, “Full Of Fire”. The vocals show none of the typical strong Italian accent and the band is playing a style of traditional-Heavy Metal that is very far removed the symphonic Power Metal that Italy has become known for.


Instead, LISTERIA should appeal to fans of the ’80s German and American Metal scenes. Bands that come to mind when listening to “Full Of Fire” include: ACCEPT, LIZZY BORDEN, old RAGE, ARMOURED SAINT and LIEGE LORD. Add to that a helping of Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude/swagger and you’ll have a pretty good idea of LISTERIA’s sound.


Clocking in at just over 30-minutes, “Full Of Fire” is rather short. But the short playing time is in the band’s favor, as it allows LISTERIA to go full throttle the whole way through. If this were much longer, some of its effectiveness would have been lost. During the 30-minute stomp, LISTERIA crank out some real bangers, especially in the second half with “Don’t Believe”, “Delight”, “Action” and “Rock Is My DJ”.


For a debut, “Full Of Fire” is a strong effort that should easily find favor with fans of ’80s Heavy Metal. I look forward to hearing what LISTERIA can turn out in the future. (Online January 29, 2006)

Eric Vieth

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