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Bodin, Tomas - I Am (6/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 63:26
Band homepage: Bodin, Tomas


  1. I
    The Beginning
    Wheel Spinner
    Day By Day
    Mother's Heart
    They'll Fight For Me!
    War Is Over
    The Angel Of Dreams
    The Awakening
  2.  A
    Take Me Home >mp3
    The Tree Of Knowledge
    The Path Of Decision I
    The Prayer
    The Path Of Decision II
    Close The Deal
    The Path Of Decision III
    The Tube Of Reverse
  3. M
    In The Land Of Retrospect
    "Why/7 Days At Kingdom's Inn"
    Voice Macabre
    Dance Macabre
    The Halls Of Future
    The Path Of Light I
    The Path Of Light II
Bodin, Tomas - I Am

Keyboard player for THE FLOWER KINGS is at it again with another solo release in just over two years. Yes, the songs are long, really long this time as there are only three here and broken up into three sections. Track one titled "I" is twenty-three minutes long and you are going to go on a long journey here as it's as atmospheric as PINK FLOYD and vocally passionate as anything. It's slow, melodic and very retro ala the 70's of course when Prog Rock ruled during the day. There is obviously plenty of solo passages in here as it is a long song. There is plenty of funky vibes in here, the sultry female vocals on here are provided by Pernilla Bodin who obviously is Tom's wife.


"A" proves to be the harder and heavier track as you will hear in the opening a rough and loud guitar performance from Jocke JJ Marsh who is also with GLENN HUGHES. While this track proves to be very melodic and mellow and highly energetic with great harmony vocals, it's still rooted in the sounds of Prog and is easier to get into than the opener. Space Prog along with Jazz sprinkles this track that is full of life and color. "M" continues in the same vein as the other two tracks and long as well. This is not something that everyone can get into because this is deep stuff as Tomas lays it all on the line here as his autobiographical story is told here.


If you love the heavier side of Prog Metal, then you can forget it because this won't appeal to you at all, but if you have an open mind and are in the right frame of mind to give it a chance then you will be in the zone. Definitely fans of David Bowie and PINK FLOYD should be into this. (Online January 31, 2006)

Joe Florez

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