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Deceased - As The Weird Travel On (9/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Thrash Corner Records
Playing time: 48:31
Band homepage: Deceased


  1. The Kept
  2. The Funeral Parlors Secret >mp3
  3. A Witness To Susperia
  4. Unwanted Memories
  5. Missing Pulse
  6. Craving Illness
  7. A Visit From The Dead
  8. Fright
Deceased - As The Weird Travel On

Wow, what an album! A dream for all fans of RAZOR, DARK ANGEL and SLAYER. In the past DECEASED never were my cup of tea and I rather considered them a boring, dispensable Thrash act. What King Fowley and his companions have laid down here, though, is one of the best Thrash hammers of the year of 2005! At least if you prefer the old school and are able to digest Death Metal influences.


On the one hand DECEASED nuke us with highly melodic killer riffs, on the other hand there are also really heavy blasting attacks to be heard. That said, you seriously had to worry about the health of Mr Fowley, as several surgeries, that were the consequence of a blood clot in the legs, an apoplexy caused by a nut-sized clot in the brain, the collapse of the right lung etc ultimately forced Fowley to hand over the drum duties to Dave Castillo and concentrate on the vocals only, otherwise the line-up stayed the same – Mark Adams (guitars), Mike Smith (guitars), Ley Snyder (bass). In return, tunes such as “The Kept” or the insane “Unwanted Memories” provide for perpetual erections and fractures of the neck vertebrae with all well-disposed Thrashers…


The RAZOR-like wrecking-ball is damn cool, too, sounds like the “Malicious Intent”-era of the Canadian founding fathers. DECEASED stay in shape throughout and also serve breaks like “A Visit From The Dead” every now and then, which rocks decently nevertheless, but sounds somewhat slower, compared to the rest. There is variation thanks to breaks, tempo changes and technically perfect instrumentation. Countless killer riffs swirl around your ears. But on the whole, “Stop and Go” till you go ballistic rules. Fowley’s pissed off voice is just perfect for Thrash Metal! The fact that the dear man averted the grim reaper’s scythe gives the disc another kick into the ass and raises the aggro level… (Online January 31, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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