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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - MYSTIC MOON - Online Jan 2006

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Mystic Moon - Doom…Forever…Dreaming… (Domenico Pritis) - Online Jan 2006

Greetings, my brothers in Metal! We want to know - who are you? What do you do in the band? And most importantly, how are you on this fine day?

Hails Wesley, Hails “The Metal Observer”! We are just fine and so happy to answer this interview!

There have been some member changes in the near past but I’ll tell you about present and future. We are 5 persons that share the same dream, the same emotions, of composing some really emotional songs, because for us, emotion is what counts. So, Akis Bouklas is on vocals, Jimmy Priest on the guitar, Jimmy Asfis on the bass guitar, Chris Tsaparas on drums and finally me, Domenico “Doomangel” Pritis on the guitar.

I must tell you also the composing and writing lyrics is mostly a democratic procedure that includes all members of the band.


MYSTIC MOON is a very young band, from what I have gathered. Could you give us a little bit of history, to catch anyone who might not have heard of you guys yet up to speed?

Ok my friend, let’s power on the time machine!

Here we are, at the beginning of 2004, some friends from Peristeri, Greece, Jim Bousoulas and Jimmy Priest on guitar, Akis Bouklas on vocals and Chris Tsaparas on drums decide to form a band, with no past experience they decide who is going to play what. Some first attempts of composing are starting along with some rehearsals. These first steps of MYSTIC MOON had a more atmospheric sound enough more simple than the final tracks we have recorded. It seemed though that this form of MYSTIC MOON was quite incomplete, so some months later I joined the band, which brought some role changes; Jimmy Priest handled the bass so the line up was some kind of complete now with these changes.

After some rehearsals we recorded one song that won’t be on any future release that was more atmospheric Doom, soon after the recordings Jim Bousoulas left the band, this is really the starting point of MYSTIC MOON, Jimmy Priest took back his position as the guitarist and at that time we composed “Omnia Sunt Excisanta”, “Pale Divine” and “Denial”. Some more rehearsal and composing follows, and there are 3 new songs, “Babylon…As Forsaken Ruins”, “Sun Demons (Through Fragments They Will Rise Again)” and “Autumn Leaves A Silent Light”. So in the mid of 2005 some offers for live shows are accepted and MYSTIC MOON make one more step exposing their music to people. At the fall of 2005 MYSTIC MOON releases a 3 track promo entitled “Promo 2005” just to inform the media and fans that we are here. Since the recording of the new material is completed, expect soon our full demo to be released. Ok, let’s get off the time machine now.


What about the name - what exactly is the symbolism behind the "mystic moon"?

A brilliant name, isn’t it? It is deep, mysterious and dark enough, just like our music, the founder of the name was Akis Bouklas, the vocalist, and I can say that we couldn’t find a better name. There is no particular symbolism behind the name but it somehow manages to create some strange feeling, “Mysticism” and “Moon” are two quite strong words and together makes a really strong combination.


I reviewed "Promo 2005" for the site and I must admit, I was blown away. I've not had the chance to hear your full demo "Doom...Forever...Dreaming" yet. What should a fan of the promo expect from the demo?

First we want to thank you for your positive comments. It is encouraging to hear such comments from such people, and ‘zines, dedicated to support the underground.

The same emotional music, the same atmosphere, the same doomy feeling, the same “ritual” vocals, the same raging and crying guitars, the same ground shaking drums and the same hell heavy bass. All the features of MYSTIC MOON are there but more epic, mournful and emotional. Those who liked “Promo 2005” will be surprised even more with “Doom…Forever…Dreaming…”, at least we hope that.


The sound of MYSTIC MOON is definitely that of Epic Doom Metal, similar in style to bands such as CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, and WHILE HEAVEN WEPT. What are some other Epic Doom bands that inspire you guys? What do you think of what some have called the "second wave of Epic Doom," consisting of bands such as ISOLE, DOOMSHINE, and the like?

The bands that may have inspire us are too many and not only Doom, if I could mention some names that would surely be BATHORY, PRIMORDIAL, LAMENTED SOULS, SOLSTICE, CATHEDRAL, ARCTURUS, SORCERER, KRUX, MEMENTO MORI, ABSTRACT ALGEBRA, DOOMSWORD, LAST CHAPTER and many others that are too many just to mention.

As for the Second Wave of Epic Doom, sounds too “light” to be Doom, the truth is that some good new bands has appeared in the scene, and that is good, we shouldn’t only wait when SOLITUDE AETURNUS, CANDLEMASS or CATHEDRAL release their new album to listen to some good Doom, these new bands can somehow stand against those great bands and scream that the good Doom Metal isn’t dead, I surely agree that there is a new generation of good Epic Doom bands but I definitely disagree with the “Second Wave of Epic Doom Metal” characterization.


Doom Metal is probably one of the most emotional genres of Metal. For MYSTIC MOON, what is the source of this emotion? From where do you draw your Doom?

That’s a really good question, the ones you are happy to answer.

Emotion is everywhere; we all should live our lives with emotion on its every moment. The unique is that we are five different people and we express so many different feelings through our music, imagine that even anger or sorrow can be viewed and expressed in a different way from one person to another. Isn’t that unique?

Now, as for the source of these feelings can be every single moment in our life, we find meaning in everything, we respect and try to understand even the smallest thing. That brings us doom, simplicity through complexity.


One criticism that often gets thrown at Doom Metal is that it can be a bit stagnant, valuing tradition over progression. That in mind, what do you see as the future of Doom Metal?

Hmm. that is true, but this is something that have kept Doom “pure” for so many years, I believe in progress but I could never imagine “Intelligent Doom”, “Doomcore”, “Nu Doom”, “Thrash Doom” and so on...

There are some things that should remain as “pure” as they can be, this isn’t standing against progress, the progress is even in MYSTIC MOON, or FORSAKEN, or ISOLE, Doom Metal is a unique genre and it cannot be compared with other genres, Doom Metal stands for its own. It knows how to import new things, it knows how it can be self-healed and it definitely knows when something isn’t good. As long as emotional musicians with true love for the genre exist, Doom Metal will never die. The future of the scene is in our hands.


How about Metal in general? What are your thoughts on the current state of the Metal scene, with the rise of genres such as Nu-Metal and Metalcore? Specifically, how are things in your home country of Greece?

The truth is that all this *Core stuff makes me feel desperate about the future of Metal, there is only some good bands but all the rest are crap, we still wait for NEVERMORE, HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY, STRATOVARIUS, KAMELOT, ARCTURUS and such bands to release new albums to feel the quality, there is too much stuff but not even the half of it deserves our attention, and some hidden diamonds are buried under the dust of underground. We must realize that underground is the source and the future of Metal. Support the Underground!!

As for the scene of my country there are the traditional bands such as ROTTING CHRIST, BATTLEROAR, NAER MATARON along with some other strong names. Some new Progressive bands like FRAGILE VASTNESS and WASTEFALL and some really good Doom Metal bands like OMINOUS SKY, HEATHENDOM, SORROW’S PATH and of course LITANY.

Even in Greece we have a strong underground scene but we all remain underground, some years ago the whole scene was turning to ROTTING CHRIST and SEPTIC FLESH sound, now the new disease for the scene seems to be the Progressive and Core.

I really worry about the future of the scene, but I believe that the time that Greece will support the whole underground Doom Metal scene isn’t far.


2005 just came to a close, and in this writer's humble opinion, it was a great year for Metal. What were some of your favorite releases of 2005? Were there any albums that stood head and shoulders above all of the rest?

It was indeed a good year for Metal, the fact that NEVERMORE released their last opus is enough to prove that, this band is always one step above all the Metal scene. About SYSTEM OF A DOWN I believe that they kick some ass but they don’t deserve to be the no 1 in Metal, they sure have quality but their two last albums aren’t something new. Some good recordings for the past year were CANDLEMASS with “Candlemass”, CATHEDRAL of course with the “Garden Of Unearthly Delight”, ARCTURUS with “Sideshow Symphonies”, NEVERMORE with “This Godless Endeavour” and some other Doom releases. There are some other good albums but they are too many to mention. From Greece, BATTLEROAR released a really good Epic/Heavy Metal album, “Age Of Chaos”.


How are things when it comes to record labels? Are the folks in MYSTIC MOON looking around, and have you received any offers as of yet?

We are for a short time in the scene but we have received some very good reviews and comments for our music, we also participate in two compilations with the track “Pale Divine”. We had some offers, not too many, but we looking for something better.

Now that we released our demo we will contact some labels, but they can contact us as well.


Aside from label business, what do you have planned next for MYSTIC MOON? More recording, perhaps a tour?

A tour? We all have normal lives, jobs and things like that; if there were offers for live shows outside Greece the only answer could be yes! We are able to do anything to chase our dream.

Some live shows are planned but only here, in our homeland.

After some live shows we plan to put our ideas together and to record new material for the release of a demo or something else. Time will tell...


Let's say that you could set up a dream tour, with any bands you want, from any time period. You can play any venue, in front of any audience. What would you want?

Haha! What a question. Here we go, there will be a festival, Doom Shall Rise for example, the billing will be like this:








Haha! There are so many! What we really want is to play our music in front of Doom Metal fans, that is enough for us, to make people “feel” our music through our live shows...


So, aside from being in an up-and-coming Epic Doom Metal band, what do the members of MYSTIC MOON do to keep themselves busy? Any interesting jobs, hobbies, or interests?

MYSTIC MOON up and coming? I don’t think so; these are just our first steps, more things will follow. MYSTIC MOON is our main interest, job and hobby! Ha-ha, we work almost all of the members except Akis that is a student. One way or another we all are in the music beside MYSTIC MOON, so you may hear about some side projects in the future.


Let's play a bit of word association. I give you a word; you tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

Sharon Osbourne: Shithead

Whiskey: Fuel

Peanut Butter: Shit

Death: Friend

George W. Bush: Asshole

Jesus Christ: King

Epic: Doom

Television: Devil

Genetic Engineering: False God

iPods: Moving Music


Thanks much for taking the time to answer my questions, folks. “The Metal Observer” salutes you. Is there anything you'd like to leave us with?

We cannot thank you guys enough! Your support to underground is the most valuable thing! Thank for supporting MYSTIC MOON and the Epic Doom Metal scene! Thank you for giving us reasons to go on and continue composing emotional music. Thank you Wesley for taking the time to review and interview and, thank you “The Metal Observer”!

Thank you all that spent even a second for MYSTIC MOON. Just one thing: Doom…Forever…Dreaming…


2005: Promo 2005 (Demo)

2005: Doom...Forever...Dreaming (Demo)

Wesley D. Cray

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